Annamalai MBA EB 2nd Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business I Year
  4. MBA International Business I Year
  5. MBA International Business II Year
  6. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  8. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  10. MBA Financial Management I Year
  11. MBA Financial Management II Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year

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1. Electronic Commerce is commonly known as e-commerce, is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. Listout the applications and benefits of e-commerce.

2. Discuss the role of data mining techniques and data visualization in ECommerce.

3. Compare the communication system in traditional business and on-line business.

4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software Industry.


1. “Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business – The Supporting Pillars of Successful E-Commerce Business¡¨ – Do you agree this statement or not, substantiate your views.

2. Elaborate the role of the Web in the marketing communication mix.

3. Digital Asset Management from an Intranet Perspective – Discuss.

4. Explain the Role of Human Resource Information Systems in Human Resource Planning.


1. If you look for the best internet tools online to have a leg up on the competition, assemble the top list of internet tools and describe them with suitable illustrations.

2. HTML has been traditionally used for building web applications and web pages that in turn, help in building a dynamic website. By using HTML programming language develop a business website for your own online business.

3. Method overloading in Java supports compile-time (static) polymorphism. Discuss about Method Overloading with its rules and every concept with suitable example.

4. Develop a JDBC application for storing and retrieving the vendor details from a database of a Jewelry shop.


1. Design and develop web page with Java script for calculating the total price amount of the online purchased items of an electronics shop.

2. i) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of VB Script. ii) Explain the data types, Variables, Operators and error dealing in VB Script.

3. Explain the three types of session bean and its applications. Explain the steps in creation of stateless EJB.

4. Develop an application to demonstrate the features and advantages of servlet.

Identify the Organization that has requirement for ERP systems implementations and make an introspection of the functionality that requires such implementation. On behalf of the Organization prepare:

1) A hardware Requirement details and submit.

2) A user Interface details and submit.

3) A gap analysis report and submit

4) Identify the Organization that has requirement for ERP systems implementations and make an introspection of possible failure source to ERP implementation.


1. Take an imaginary situation relating to pricing or investment policy in a selected industry in which there are few sellers and show how the adoption of different strategies by a leading player defines different possible paths. Use a decision tree to illustrate these different possible paths.

2. Carry out SWOT analysis of Indian Railways. Suggest measure to run it profitable.

3. Nowadays Product Diversification is a mandatory process in Indian Industry. Give an example for success and failure. Give reasons for the success and failure.

4. “Technological factors represent major opportunities and threats, which must be taken into account while formulating strategies” – Discuss. How will a firm build a sustainable technology based competitive advantage?


1. Give a detailed note on balance of payments in International Trade.

2. Elaborate Tariff and Non Tariff barriers in International Trade.

3. Examine the role of IMF and World Bank in International Trade.

4. Illustrate the various measures taken for export promotion and give a detailed note on export licensing procedure.


1. Develop a Conceptual and ER model with DFD for online education student centric learning process.

2. Describe how logical and physical design with dialogues can use in system development and implementation with real time example.

3. Elaborate the various types of databases available and its use in business applications.

4. Why some of the new system implementation fails? Explain how this can be overcome and identify ways to increase the success rate.