Annamalai MBA EB 1st Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business II Year
  4. MBA International Business I Year
  5. MBA International Business II Year
  6. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  8. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  10. MBA Financial Management I Year
  11. MBA Financial Management II Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year


1. Management is said to have universal application. How do you justify the Universality of Management? Give examples to illustrate your arguments.
2. “The importance of strategic planning is now fully realized by the Indian corporate sector than before”- Discuss
3. Explain about the personal challenges involved in becoming a manager and a leader in today’s turbulent environment.
4. Without effective management the resources will remain as resources cannot be converted into productive utilities – Do you agree? Give reasons.


1. What is market segmentation? What are the different ways of segmentation/ suggest the segmentation strategy for the following products: Edible oil, Table top wet grinder and Business magazine.
2. What strategies you would recommend to be followed during the four stages of PLC. Identify one product and one service for each stage in the PLC. Give reasons for your answer.
3. What are objectives of pricing strategies? Discuss the merits of different pricing techniques that you would recommend for the following products. Laptop, Sports utility vehicle, designer tiles.
4. Do you think that social media advertisements would kill all other traditional media? Discuss your answer with proper justification. Also explain under what circumstances online advertisements would be highly recommended.


1. It is usual to declare good dividends when the company is making good profit. It is profitable for companies not to declare any dividend even when they are making good profits. What will be the reaction of the shareholder? Discuss.
2. “In managing working capital the finance manager faces the problem of compromising the conflicting goals of liquidity and profitability”. – Comment. What strategy should the finance manager develop to solve this problem?
3. Design an appropriate capital structure which yield more profitability for a service industry. Illustrate your answer with the help of EBIT-EPS analysis.
4. “The success of a business concern depends upon the way in which it’s earnings are computed, distributed and retained”- Comment on this statement.


1. Discuss the various update operation on relation and types of integrity constraints that must be checked for each update operation?
2. Explain various levels of Data abstraction in database system?
3. Why is concurrency control needed? Explain lost update, Inconsistent retrievals and uncommitted dependency anomalies.
4. Construct an ER diagram for Bank transactions.


1. “Human resource planning is a pre-requisite for effective management of human resources”. In the light of this statement, analyse the significance of human resource planning.
2. Explain a sample HR departmental structure for a large manufacturing organization and explain the functions.
3. You are appointed as HR manager for a mid size leather company which is new. Now you are asked to fix pay scale for the employees. Explain your process of pay fixation.
4. Performance Appraisal System helps employees to identify the areas in which they need to improve – Do You agree or disagree? Justify with the suitable methods.


1. A Company decided to implement a highly integrated management information system. Any transaction entered in to the system would immediately affect all related functional subsystem at all levels of activity. The system was never implemented successfully. Why do you think it was a failure?
2. Explain a hierarchical database organisation. Give an example of data that has a ‘natural’ Hierarchical order. What are the limitations of a network organisation?
3. Discuss the amount of centralization that PBS has and whether this is functional or dysfunctional.
4. Discuss the role of MIS in the fields of education.


1. A public library is considering the implementation of a computer-based system to help administer book loan at libraries. Identify the stakeholders in such a project. What might be the objectives of such a project and how might the success of the project be measured in practical terms?
2. Assume that a company has decided on a COTS solution that will replace the whole of the existing maintenance accounting system rather than simply plugging in additional modules to deal with group accounts. Write a memorandum to the company’s legal department outlining the important provisions that a contract to supply this system should have.
3. An organization is contemplating the purchase of a project planning software tool such as MS project and has decided to draw up quality specifications for the package. The features that they are particularly concerned are, to set up details of new projects and updating the project details with information about actual work completed. Draw up quality specifications in respect of the qualities of 1) Usability 2) Reliability 3) Recoverability
4. ABC software company is to develop software for effective counselling for allotment of engineering seats for students with high scores ranking from top colleges. The product has to be upgraded if the common entrance score is to be considered. Describe the appropriate product development life cycle and the standard skills required.


1. Enumerate the ratios that measure a firm’s overall effectiveness and specify the related formula.
2. “Depreciation is a process of allocation and not of valuation.” Comment.
3. It is said that only cash cost are relevant for capital budgeting decision. However, depreciation which is a non-cash cost is a prominent part of cash flow analysis for such an investment decision. How do you explain this paradox?
4. It is said, “cost accounting is a system of foresight and not post-mortem examination; it turns losses into profit, speeds up activities and eliminates wastes”. Discuss in detail this statement