Annamalai MBA Assignment 1st Semester 2020

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1. Management is said to have universal application. How do you justify the Universality of Management? Give examples to illustrate your arguments.
2. “The importance of strategic planning is now fully realized by the Indian corporate sector than before”- Discuss
3. Explain about the personal challenges involved in becoming a manager and a leader in today’s turbulent environment.
4. Without effective management the resources will remain as resources cannot be converted into productive utilities – Do you agree? Give reasons.


1. Enumerate the ratios that measure a firm’s overall effectiveness and specify the related formula.
2. “Depreciation is a process of allocation and not of valuation.” Comment.
3. It is said that only cash cost are relevant for capital budgeting decision. However, depreciation which is a non-cash cost is a prominent part of cash flow analysis for such an investment decision. How do you explain this paradox?
4. It is said, “cost accounting is a system of foresight and not post-mortem examination; it turns losses into profit, speeds up activities and eliminates wastes”. Discuss in detail this statement.


1. “The objective of Managerial Economics is to provide framework for analysing business decisions. Instead of presenting detailed list of rules for specific decision-making, managerial economics addresses the larger economic forces that shape day-to-day decision-making”. Critically analyse the above statement.
2. “Outline the various steps which would be necessary if you were asked to forecast demand for a typical mass consumption item”.
3. “If the production function is homogeneous with constant returns to scale everywhere, the returns to a single variable factor will be diminishing”.– Comment.
4. “Short-run average variable cost curve is saucer-shaped but the short-run average total cost curve cannot be saucer-shaped”. Discuss in detail.


1. Keerthi purchases some goods on credit from Durai, payable within 3 months. After 2 months, Keerthi makes out a blank cheque in favour of Durai, signs and delivers it to Durai with a request to fill up the amount due, as Keerthi does not know the exact amount payable by him.
Durai fills up fraudulently the amount larger than the amount payable by Keerthi and endorses the cheque to Bala in full payment of Durai’s own due. Keerthi’s cheque is dishonoured. Referring to the provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, discuss the rights of Durai and Bala.
2. Describe the provisions of The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and how does it differ from The Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
3. Explain the effect of a contract made by an agent with a third party – (a) where the agent discloses the existence but not the name of the principal; and (b) where the existence of the principal is not disclosed.
4. “Consumer Protection Act,1986 aims to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for that purpose to make provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumers’’ disputes and for matters connected therewith”- Examine.


1. Which measure of central tendency is used for the following situations? Justify your answer.
a) Government wanted to decide the living standard of people based on monthly income in various taluks in a state and wanted to compare the taluks economic status. The family monthly incomes of various taluks were collected. Which central tendency measure will be appropriate and why?
b) The state government wanted to introduce two types of family card based on subsidy. The data were the same as the question (a). Lower the income the subsidy will be more and higher income group will have less subsidiary. In this situation which measures of central tendency is most suitable and give your reason.
c) The government has a plan to introduce health policies based on the family income. The policies are to be designed so that the family members will get health benefits and the nominal payment levels will be fixed based on their annual income of families. How will you go about it using averages and which one you prefer in this case? Also state the reasons.

a) Assume that you are planning to conduct market survey about green food products from the public using questionnaire as a tool for data collection. You are conducting pilot study to validate the tool and to perform data collection. You want to decide the same size and how will you decide? Explain.
b) For the same study, you want to know the satisfaction of the green food product consumers and when the population is known, how will you decide your sample size?
3. Give a situation to apply cluster analysis and explain the steps as well as the expected result according to you.
4. Assume that you carried out ANOVA using a statistical package. Please sketch the important outputs are to be discussed in this analysis. Give interpretation, for the whole result.


1. The study of international business is not different from the study of domestic business. Thus, there is no point in having a separate course on international business. “Evaluate this statement”.
2 ‘’Some argue that the WTO is the third pillar of global business. But many argue that the WTO is the Wrong Trade Organisation’’. Critically comment.
3. You are the assistant to the CEO of a small textile firm that manufactures quality, premium priced and stylish clothing. The CEO has decided to see what the opportunities for exporting and asked you for advice as to the steps the company should take. What advice would you give?
4. “Export incentives are major factor to encourage the development of the FDI” – Do you agree or disagree? Justify your answer.


1. You have recently joined a branch of a Bank as its manager. Write a report to the head office on the short falls in the routine work of the branch.
2. Design an Agenda and Minutes of an annual general body meeting. (Assume your own choice of company)
3. Explain the process of designing and developing oral presentation. Also, prepare a five minutes presentation to address your managers on any matter of your choice.
4. Develop a complaint letter as a dealer to the manufacturer about the replacements of defective products. Highlight the complaints pointed out by the customers regarding the products.


1. Prepare an interview schedule for the concept Personality and its components, conduct an interview with a few executives of any one organization known to you and present the results with critical analysis.
2. To highlight the concept, components, process, and importance of Groups in an organization prepare a role play script and explain group dynamics.
3. After listing out the qualities and theories of leadership view YouTube on executive leadership and present the outcome of your perception on leadership.
4. Make telephone calls to your friends and seniors working in various organizations and collect information about their Organizational Culture, analyze them and present them with issues and strategies.