Annamalai 2nd Year MBA Information System 2019



Annamalai 2nd Year MBA Information System 2019

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Organizational Behaviour

Q1: Understanding the basic concepts of Organizational Behaviour prepare a Behavioural frame work for a newly established IT company in Chennai. – Student can imagine the size and turnover of the industry.
Q2: To understand the importance of the concepts personality, perception, and attitude of employees in an organization, prepare an interview schedule, conduct an interview with 2-3 executives of any one organization and present the results.
Q3: After listing out the qualities and theories of leadership, have a discussion with one or two real world leaders of your choice and present the outcome.
Q4: Identify a suitable case to understand Organizational Culture, analyze the case and present it with issues and strategies.

Management Information System

Q1: How can information Technology support a company’s business processes and Decision Making, and give it a Competitive Advantage? Illustrate your answer.
Q2: Why do you think there have been so many business failures among “dot-com” companies that were devoted only to retail e-commerce?
Q3: Explain the management information system in various marketing strategy which are adopted by various company. Explain with examples.
Q4: Discuss the executive information system and executive support system in various marketing organisation.

Database Management System

Q1. What are the ACID properties? Define atomicity, Consistency, isolation, and durability and illustrate them through examples?
Q2: How to write programs that manipulate a network database—including such tasks as searching for and retrieving records from the database; inserting, deleting, and modifying records; and connecting and disconnecting records from set occurrences.
Q3: Consider the following relations: BRANCH (branch _name, branch _city, assets), ACCOUNT (accno, branch _ name, balance), DEPOSITOR (customer _ name. accno, Customer_ Street, customer city). Write the SQL statements for the following:
a) List all the customers who have at least two accounts at the branch.
b) List all the accno whose accounts are in a branch _name where an asset is maximum.
c) List all the customers whose account balance is minimum.
d) List all the customers who have an account at all the branches located in a specific city.
e) Demonstrate how you delete all account tuples at every branch located in specific city.
Q4: Draw the various schemes of banking system and explain the involvement of view levels of data abstraction.


Q1: Enumerate Security of Internet hosts and networks, Public key infrastructure, Safety of E-Commerce applications, Electronic payment systems, Trust and reputation in E-Commerce.
Q2: Discuss about the prevention procedures of the firewall to avoid the attack of Hackers.
Q3: “Online Shopping generate new economy”- Comment your opinion with proper Justification.
Q4: Discuss the role played by E-commerce in providing customer service at the various stages (product selection to post purchase) in an online buying transaction..

Enterprise Resource Planning

Q1: How will you execute the Gap Analysis phase of ERP implementation for a very large manufacturing industry? Discuss the steps involved in this scenario.
Q2: Explain the Planning and Execution Model based on integrated process for a service industry.
Q3: Discuss the common myths about ERP and find practical solutions for dispelling them in your organization.
Q4: Most companies today have made significant investments in information technology systems. Write a case study of Integrating ERP, CRM and SCM creates a single view of organizational profitability.

Data Warehousing And Data Mining

Q1: Explain the schemas which are used in a data warehouse design with suitable examples. Which schema design is more popular? Draw a schema design for a university admission system. Consider appropriate dimensions and fact table as required.
Q2: How can business dimensions be useful for defining requirements in a business data warehouse? in which situation jad methodology may be useful for collecting requirements?
Q3: Compare rolap with molap servers. Which one do you consider more appropriate for data warehouse applications and why?
Q4: Develop an algorithm for classification using decision trees. illustrate the algorithm with a relevant example.

Software Project Management

Q1: Company has the plan to implant software applications to manage its inverting function.
a) Identify the options available towards providing inverting solutions. Narrate the comparative advantage and disadvantages of each option.
Q2: Identify the organization providing software solutions for retail applications
a) Develop the project network diagram that can support the implementation scheme for such retail solutions.
Q3: Bring out the organization involved in implementing software solutions.
a) Narrate the role of project support office for such organizations.
Q4: Identify the key deliverables in core banking solutions.

Advanced Web Design

Q1: Web Programming HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)- Discuss
Q2: Enumerate the role of DOM (Document Object Model) in website Development
Q3: Illustrate your views on the data types supported by VB Script, and conditional statements in VB Script
Q4: On click, on mouse over, on mouse out, on change and on submit event types in JavaScript with example programs.

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