Annamalai 2nd Year MBA IB 2019



Annamalai 2nd Year MBA IB 2019

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International Human Resource Management

Q1: How does the environment concerning human resource management in India vary from that of developed countries? Elaborate.
Q2: Manpower planning is considered as the most primary and important task of HR department internationally. Why is it not so in India? Also discuss the consequences of not planning manpower requirements.
Q3: Your Organisation is a multinational company based at India. Simultaneously three executives looking after three geographical area decides to quit. The top Management is asking you to conduct the exit interview for those tendered their resignation. How would you organize the exit interview? Will you impress upon them to continue? If “Yes” why? If “No” Why Not?
Q4: Oil Refinery Company in Riyadh is recruiting supervisory staff for its refinery operation. Suggest suitable recruiting process for the company.

International Marketing Management

Q1: “Major environmental influences always have an impact on International marketing” – Discuss the above statement with recent live examples.
Q2: Discuss briefly, modes to enter international market and recommend mode of entry and its implications for success of a new product across multiple markets.
Q3: “Modern marketing concept is applicable to all business organisations irrespective of their size or nature of the goods or services marketed”- Do you agree or disagree? Give your justification.
Q4: Branding is hot topic in board rooms around the world because most CEOs recognise that the strong brand is a powerful driver in shareholder value. In this connection, what are the key elements that contribute to brand equity? Is it possible to quantify brand equity? If so How? Give recent examples.

International Financial Management

Q1: Discuss the foreign exchange market, procedure for quotation and arbitrage. Narrate current situation of Euro currency and Euro Credit.
Q2: Elaborate the different criteria and difficulties in evaluating foreign projects while making international investment decision for developing countries investors.
Q3: Critically evaluate the International Financial Market Instruments. Discuss the internal and external techniques of risk involved in the International Business.
Q4: What do you understand by International Portfolio Investment? Critically evaluate the key elements of taxation with suitable examples.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Q1. Mr. Sarath, CEO of a Multinational company has decided to construct a warehouse in the central part of the India. He approaches you for designing the warehouse. Counsel Mr. Sarath in designing the warehouse with different sizes and shapes and explain its relationship with material-handling system. Suggest the reason for constructing different designs of warehouses by explaining its advantages and disadvantages.
Q2: Mr. Puneeth has recently opened a logistical service agency. When he enters into the business, many agencies face different legal problems related to logistical operations. Mr. Puneeth does not know how to run the business without any legal problem. As a logistical legal consultant, advise Mr. Puneeth about various transport regulations to overcome legal problems.
Q3: You are assigned the position of Chief Manager in a logistics company located at Mumbai. You have customers across globe. Your responsibility is to collect the goods from various sources and export it from the nearest port. How do you do the operation, and explain the problems you may face during the logistical operations?
Q4: “Supply chain management is need of the hour for current business scenario” – Substantiate your views for the above statement by explaining the real time success stories of any three business firms of your choice.

Global Strategic Management

Q1: AMUL is the India’s largest food products organization and the market leader in whole milk, condensed milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, ice cream, dairy whitener and sweets. “Amul-Diversifying for Growth” looks at how the co-operative integrated approach adopted by Amul has been successfully used to dominate the dairy products market and how it is utilizing its strong brand name to diversify into non-dairy products, processed foods, and other products. Discuss.
Q2: India’s strict regulations against allowing FDI in retail sector prevent the entry of the foreign retailers to our country. Discuss the attempt of foreign retailers to enter the land of opportunities through different strategies.
Q3: Explain the Leadership Re-organization. Discuss about Wipro’s Co-CEO model. Will Wipro achieve what it set out to do by appointing Co-CEOs?
Q4: Transformation of an Indian Family Business into a globally competitive Firm: Illustrate how companies from emerging market like Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) from India are competing globally by leveraging on their core competencies.

International Trade Policies And Documentation

Q1: Briefly explain the Export and Import policy (2002-2017) of India. Identify the gains and losses of those policies.
Q2: Enumerate the procedures to establish a new Export Oriented Units and explain the terms of shipment and processing of export order.
Q3: Elucidate the risks involved in export and also discuss about the export incentives and Duty exemption schemes for importing capital goods.
Q4: Elaborate the impact of current monetary policies on India’s International trade.

International Marketing Research And Consumer Behaviour

Q1: A company manufacturing electronic goods wants to know how best it can satisfy its potential buyers in the Asian market. Give your suggestions for formulating an appropriate marketing research proposal.
Q2: According to your understanding, is the process of product research is important in International marketing? Justify.
Q3: Discuss the major ethical issues in International marketing with three examples.
Q4: Assume you are appointed as a marketing head in a leading FMCG company in India. As part of the development process the company wants to expand its business operations internationally to its neighboring countries. You are given the task as following. a) Identifying the market and its segmentation b) Studying the consumer behavior c) Do product research d) Examining the market opportunities. Narrate your role to carry out the above task by doing market research.

Export And Import Finance

Q1: Line of Credit is a short term sources of finance for exporter & importer “will you accept? Explain with examples.
Q2: Inflation rate as well as interest rates will affect the value of currency rates – Discuss and also explain the reasons for variation of the inflation rate.
Q3: “Export incentives are major factors to encourage the EXIM business”- Do you agree? Explain with suitable examples.
Q4: “Credit Insurance agencies will help the exporter & importer in financial payments” Prove it.

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