Annamalai 2nd Year MBA HRM 2019



Annamalai 2nd Year MBA HRM 2019

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Organisational Development And Management Of Change

Q1: “Change is easy to devise but difficult to implement and nearly impossible to sustain”. – Discuss with live examples from any industry of your choice.

Q2: Mr. Ramesh, CEO of a company is going to introduce mechanization in his company to speedup the production process. This leaves 10% of employees to be unemployed. The casual laborers resist this mechanization process. Assume that you are consultant; intervene in this issue and act as consultant to both Mr. Ramesh and the employees.

Q3: Discuss the major interventions. In your opinion, Which OD interventions are most effective? Why?

Q4: Bring out an essay on the OD in Multinational companies after 2010.

Training And Development

Q1: Briefly explain business case for e-learning. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning in Indian scenario.

Q2: Prepare a training schedule for a newly joined salesman in a Parma company.

Q3: Assume that you are training an employee to diagnose and repair a loose wire in an electrical socket. After demonstrating the procedures to follow, you let the trainee show you how to do it. The trainee correctly demonstrates the process and repairs the connection on the first attempt. Has learning occurred? Justify your Answer.

Q4: Many employees are unwilling to relocate geographically because they like their current community and because spouses and children prefer not to move, as the result, it is difficult to develop employees through job experiences that require relocation. How could an employee’s current job be changed to develop
that employee’s leadership skills?

Labour Welfare

Q1: A Workman under the influence of drink touched a live wire while working at a machine and instantaneously died. His wife claimed compensation, but the employee took the plea that he was not liable as the accident arouse out of a default by the workman. Critically, evaluate and comment on the incident.

Q2: Write the various statutes enacted by Indian parliament from time to time and various schemes implemented by the government for the welfare of the child, female and contract labourers in India.

Q3: Give a detail note on voluntary welfare facilities provided by the Indian organization of your choice.

Q4: The services of employer were terminated due to closure. But the apex court held that the services to be continued on same terms and conditions either in the government or in the government operations. Discuss.

Industrial Relations

Q1: Critically evaluate the existing statutory machinery available for settling industrial dispute in India. Are they effective? Give your suggestion.

Q2: “Grievance handling has been called day-to-day collective bargaining. It involves the continuing interpretation of the collective bargaining agreement but usually not its renegotiation.” – Converse the statement with suitable examples.

Q3: “Disciplinary proceedings must be treated as the means for an end”- Explicate the statement clearly identifying the “means” and “ends”.

Q4: “For peaceful evolution of the economic system in a democratic basis, it is essential that workers participation in management should be accepted as a principle and urgent need.” – Do you agree with the statement? Justify your answer.

Wages And Salary Administration

Q1: Compare the Salary template of Three Companies and find out the one that has the most amount of Tax Saving schemes.

Q2: Do a Web Search of Indian Industries using the term salary survey, find out the most relevant and up-to-date information on the same.

Q3: Give the SWOT – Analysis report on the 7th Pay Commission Recommendations.

Q4: How to impose rules and policies on compensation in terms of salary and other benefits for managerial personnel. What process would you adopt in revision of existing salary structure of an organization?

Strategic Management

Q1: Do a SWOT Analysis for Reliance Jio 4G services in Indian market and analyse the strategic approach of reliance communication in this regard.

Q2: What were the major strategic drawbacks of Kingfisher Airlines? What was the vital reason for its dropdown? Consider the strategic issues and justify it.

Q3: Illustrate with examples of hyper competition and competitive dynamic approaches in strategic marketing.

Q4: Why would management adopt a stability strategy? Can stability strategies be viable over a lengthy period of time? Why or Why not?


Q1: Enumerate Security of Internet hosts and networks, Public key infrastructure, Safety of E-Commerce applications, Electronic payment systems, Trust and reputation in E-Commerce.

Q2: Discuss about the prevention procedures of the firewall to avoid the attack of Hackers.

Q3: “Online Shopping generate new economy”- Comment your opinion with proper Justification.

Q4: Discuss the role played by E-commerce in providing customer service at the various stages (product selection to post purchase) in an online buying transaction..

Business Research Methods

Q1: “Empirical research in India creates so many problems for the researchers”. State the problems that are usually faced by young researchers.

Q2: Using the different measurement scales, prepare a questionnaire, on a topic of your choice and indicate the statistical tools can be used for analysis of the questionnaire.

Q3: Critically examine the following statements.
(a) Interviews cause more bias than the use of questionnaire while collecting data.
(b) Projective technique is reliable and authentic method of data collection.

Q4: “Majority of the researches makes use of primary sources of data and secondary data sources do not really contribute to a scientific enquiry”. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? – Explain.

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