Annamalai 2nd Year MBA FM 2019



Annamalai 2nd Year MBA FM 2019

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Management Of Financial Services

Q1: Outline the features of the framework of regulation of the credit information companies in India. What are the regulatory and supervisory objectives of the RBI in relation to the NBFCs? Discuss the main elements of the RBI framework of NBFC regulation.

Q2: I like to invest Rs 2 lakhs for long term in share market. Will you suggest investing it right now or should I wait for further correction. Justify your views in detail.

Q3: Discuss the process of selecting an investment in venture capital financing. Explain briefly the framework of the scheme of regulation of venture capital funds by the SEBI.

Q4: Discuss the structure and working of Indian banking industry. What suggestions would you offer for improvement of their performance?

International Finance

Q1: Discuss the foreign exchange market, procedure for quotation and arbitrage. Narrate current situation of Euro currency and Euro Credit.

Q3: Critically evaluate the International Financial Market Instruments. Discuss the internal and external techniques of risk involved in the International Business.

Q3: “A non- financial firm should always completely hedge all its exposures to environmental risk factors such as exchange rates and interest rates.” Critically discuss this recommendation.

Q4: Real exchange rate changes are measured by adjusting nominal exchange rate changes by inflation differentials, the latter in turn being measured by some price index such as WPI or CPI. It is said that a firm faces operating exposure only if real exchange rates change. Is this strictly true? Why or why not?

Derivatives Management

Q1: “Derivatives are considered as risk management tools used by organizations/investors/individuals”. Critically evaluate the statement.

Q2: “The basic purpose of derivatives instruments is to provide commitments to price for future dates for giving against adverse movement in future prices”. Discuss and critically evaluate the statement.

Q3: “Forward contracts acts as fore-runners of futures market”. Critically evaluate the statement in light of growth of forward market Worldwide.

Q4: “Options are the safest instrument for investors for the investment purpose. Options writer has limited profit and unlimited losses whereas option buyer has limited losses and unlimited profits”. Critically evaluate the above statement with suitable examples.

Risk Management And Insurance

Q1: Elaborate the loss control measures of any manufacturing company of your choice.

Q2: Risk cannot be avoided but can be minimised- Discuss.

Q3: Risk avoidance is a negative treatment of risk rather than a positive technique – Elaborate.

Q4: Discuss the major types of risk that are associated with great financial insecurity.

Investment Security And Portfolio Management

Q1: “The most important index in financial market is the stock index, which uses a set of stock that is representation of the whole market, or a specified sector, to measure the change in the overall behaviour of the market or sector over a period of time”. Do you agree or disagree? Give your views by taking the present situation.

Q2: The technical analyst places a great deal of importance on supply and demand in stock pricing. Presumably the fundamental analyst also believe that supply and demand are important. In what ways do the two groups disagree on the subject? Give your comments with suitable examples.

Q3: The efficient market theory has major implications for the practice of portfolio management. One obvious implication is the determination of superior analyst. Another is how to carry out the management of portfolios, assuming no success to superior analysts. Assume that none of the analysts to whom you have access is superior, what specific investment practices you would implement for your clients?

Q4: Reported earnings typically differ, sometimes considerably from economic earnings. Nevertheless, it is often argued that reported earnings are intended simply to provide source information to investors about the value of the firm. If so, might there not be alternative accounting procedures of equal use to investors? How might one go about evaluating the usefulness of such procedures?

Strategic Management

Q1: Do a SWOT Analysis for Reliance Jio 4G services in Indian market and analyse the strategic approach of reliance communication in this regard.

Q2: What were the major strategic drawbacks of Kingfisher Airlines? What was the vital reason for its dropdown? Consider the strategic issues and justify it.

Q3: Illustrate with examples of hyper competition and competitive dynamic approaches in strategic marketing.

Q4: Why would management adopt a stability strategy? Can stability strategies be viable over a lengthy period of time? Why or Why not?


Q1: Enumerate Security of Internet hosts and networks, Public key infrastructure, Safety of E-Commerce applications, Electronic payment systems, Trust and reputation in E-Commerce.

Q2: Discuss about the prevention procedures of the firewall to avoid the attack of Hackers.

Q3: “Online Shopping generate new economy”- Comment your opinion with proper Justification.

Q4: Discuss the role played by E-commerce in providing customer service at the various stages (product selection to post purchase) in an online buying transaction..

Business Research Methods

Q1: “Empirical research in India creates so many problems for the researchers”. State the problems that are usually faced by young researchers.

Q2: Using the different measurement scales, prepare a questionnaire, on a topic of your choice and indicate the statistical tools can be used for analysis of the questionnaire.

Q3: Critically examine the following statements.
(a) Interviews cause more bias than the use of questionnaire while collecting data.
(b) Projective technique is reliable and authentic method of data collection.

Q4: “Majority of the researches makes use of primary sources of data and secondary data sources do not really contribute to a scientific enquiry”. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? – Explain.

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