Annamalai 2nd Year MBA Assignment 2019



Annamalai 2nd Year MBA Assignment 2019

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Human Resource Management

Q1.”HR outsourcing has become a common practice throughout the world”-Discuss the implications of HR outsourcing functions.
Q2: Identify the Paramount barriers for effective training programme in IT field and how to crush them”. Explain with real life examples.
Q3: What type of interview techniques do you adopt for selecting an Executive in a FMCG company for the post of Marketing Manager?
Q4: Assume that you are responsible for evaluating the employees¡¯ performance in the public sector manufacturing company. Discuss the appraisal process. Also explain techniques you apply for various levels and give reasons.

Marketing Management

Q1: Explain the recent trends in marketing concepts, also discuss the factors that a marketing manager must take into account while developing the marketing mix for the below mentioned products. I. Female Cosmetics, II. Children Health Drinks and III. Adult Bike.

Q2: “Every change in the political and legal environment creates an adjustment problem for the marketers” – as a budding manager what is your opinion about this statement and suggest a suitable strategy to adopt successful and smooth running of your business.

Q3: In designing an advertising campaign for a soft drink, which would you find more useful; information about consumer demographics or information about consumer life style? Give an example of how would you use each type of information.

Q4: Suggest a successful way to segment the market for the following products
a) Detergent soap
b) Designer Jewellery
c) Breakfast Cereals.

Financial Management

Q1: It is usual to declare good dividends when the company is making good profit. It is profitable for companies not to declare any dividend even when they are making good profits? What will be the reaction of the shareholder? Discuss.
Q2: If you are working as a financial manager in an organization, what are your policies to make profit for the organization?
Q3: Assume that you are new entrepreneur to start the business, which financial resources you opt? Justify with your views.
Q4: “The success of a business concern depends upon the way in which it earnings are computed, distributed and retained¡±- Comment on this statement.

Operations Management

Q1: Prepare step by step Supply Chain network layout for any manufacturing company.
Q2: List the various factors to be considered for locating Atomic Power plant.
Q3: Prepare PERT network for assembling a Motor Bike.
Q4: Visit any production plant and list various Material Handling devices with photographs. Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

Project Management And Entrepreneurship

Q1: ABC & CO Ltd wishes to setup a paper manufacturing unit in the sub urban area of your city. You have been assigned to examine the preliminary requirements and to conduct a feasibility study. What factors you will consider to study the technical and economic feasibilities of the project. Give an outline of the feasibility report.

Q2: “Detailed project report forms the foundation on which the entire super structure of the project is built,” if it is weak, the project cannot withstand the turbulent times ahead. Discuss bringing out the do’s and don’ts of a good report.

Q3: Discuss about the infrastructure projects in the context of present day’s economic developments of the country. Brief out the common problems associated with it and the efforts made by the government to solve the same.

Q4: Why do role models impact the decision of people to become the entrepreneurs? Do you think that a person whose parent was an entrepreneur of a failed business is more or less likely to start his or her own business than a person whose parents were managers of large established companies?

Strategic Management

Q1: Do a SWOT Analysis for Reliance Jio 4G services in Indian market and analyse the strategic approach of reliance communication in this regard.

Q2: What were the major strategic drawbacks of Kingfisher Airlines? What was the vital reason for its dropdown? Consider the strategic issues and justify it.

Q3: Illustrate with examples of hyper competition and competitive dynamic approaches in strategic marketing.

Q4: Why would management adopt a stability strategy? Can stability strategies be viable over a lengthy period of time? Why or Why not?

Choose Optional

**Specialization HRM
Training And Development
Labour Welfare And Industrial Relations
**Specialization MM
Sales and Distribution Management
Marketing Research And Consumer Behaviour
**Specialization FM
Investment Security And Portfolio Management
Management Of Financial Services
**Specialization PM
Production Planning Control And Maintenance
Quality Management
**Specialization System
Personal Productivity Tools
Information Technology

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