Annamalai 1st Year MBA Information System 2019



Annamalai 1st Year MBA Information System 2019

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Principles of Management

Q1. Management can be defined as “A process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skill habit and attitudes of the employees in an organization”. Discuss.
Q2: “Decision making is the most critical managerial task.” Discuss the above statement in light of decision-making Process.
Q3: Select a business or political leader whom you admire, and identify his or her style of leading by applying the managerial grid or the continuum-of-behaviour model of Tannenbaum and Schmidt.
Q4: “The only planning tool we need in the company is the budget. If everyone meets his or her budget, we need nothing else, and management by objectives would be an unnecessary frill”. Comment.

Managerial Economics

Q1: Decision making is the most important function of business managers. Decision making is the central objective of Managerial Economics. Discuss – Scope of the Economics in Decision Making and Different Decision Making Models.
Q2: Monopolistic Competition is a special case of imperfect completion. It stance between monopoly and perfect completion and accordingly the pricing decision are determined by the market forces – Discuss.
Q3: Since different decision are affected by difference type of cost, it is essential for a manager to understand the relevant cost in decision making. Comment in detail.
Q4: The concept of price velocity is very useful in the total revenue planning of your firm. Comment on the validity of this statement. Derive a relationship between price velocity and marginal revenue of a firm.

Accounting And Finance For Managers

Q1: What are the significant assumptions we make while comparing financial ratio of various companies in the same industry? Discuss the implications of the above assumptions for a user of financial ratios.
Q2: Suppose you are the co-owner and manager of a retail store that sells and repairs mountain bikes. Provide one example of a financial accounting report that would be useful to you and your co-owner. Provide two examples of managerial accounting reports that would be useful to you as the manager.
Q3: Discuss how internal rate of return (IRR) method differs from the net present value method (NPV). Be sure to include an explanation of what the IRR method is and what the NPV method is.
Q4: Imagine that, you are the owner of a business. Pass journal entries with 20 different transactions. Prepare a position statement after every transaction. Did your firm earn profit or made a loss at the end of all transaction? Make a small comment on your firm’s position at the end.

Marketing Management

Q1: Explain the recent trends in marketing concepts, also discuss the factors that a marketing manager must take into account while developing the marketing mix for the below mentioned products. I. Female Cosmetics, II. Children Health Drinks and III. Adult Bike.
Q2: “Every change in the political and legal environment creates an adjustment problem for the marketers” – as a budding manager what is your opinion about this statement and suggest a suitable strategy to adopt successful and smooth running of your business.
Q3: In designing an advertising campaign for a soft drink, which would you find more useful; information about consumer demographics or information about consumer life style? Give an example of how would you use each type of information.
Q4: Suggest a successful way to segment the market for the following products
a) Detergent soap
b) Designer Jewellery
c) Breakfast Cereals.

Human Resource Management

Q1.”HR outsourcing has become a common practice throughout the world”-Discuss the implications of HR outsourcing functions.
Q2: Identify the Paramount barriers for effective training programme in IT field and how to crush them”. Explain with real life examples.
Q3: What type of interview techniques do you adopt for selecting an Executive in a FMCG company for the post of Marketing Manager?
Q4: Assume that you are responsible for evaluating the employees¡¯ performance in the public sector manufacturing company. Discuss the appraisal process. Also explain techniques you apply for various levels and give reasons.

Production And Materials Management

Q1: Study the following produces and explain how they have failed to keep up with the changing world
(a) Honda car
(b) Singer sewing machine
Q2: Material management plays important role in optimization of overall profitability of any firm – Elaborate.
Q3: Explain the applications of ABC analysis in production and material management in a chemical industry.
Q4: Discuss the causes and objectives of breakdown maintenance. Point out its demerits in a manufacturing industry

Research Methods For Management

Q1: “Creative management, whether in public administration or private industry, depends on methods of inquiry that maintain objectivity, clarity, accuracy and consistency”. Discuss this statement and examine the significance of research”.
Q2: “Experimental method of research is not suitable in management field.?Discuss the problems in the introduction of this research design in business organisation?
Q3: “Interpretation is an art of drawing inferences, depending upon the skill of the researcher”. Elucidate the given statement explaining the technique of interpretation.
Q4: You are working as a purchase Manager for a company. The following information has been supplied to you by two manufacturers of electric bulbs. Which brand of bulbs are you going to purchase if you desire to take a risk of 5%
x Company A Company B
Mean life (in hours) 1300 1248
Standard Deviation (in hours) 82 93
Sample size 100 100

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