AID18866 We must come up with a set of parameters that will help us manage our portfolio of projects.



“We must come up with a set of parameters that will help us manage our portfolio of projects. Otherwise, it is becoming very difficult to know the issues unless they become too big to resolve.” Ms Sharanya Kamat started her first meeting with her team at DAS Infotech Pvt Ltd. Sharanya had joined DAS Infotech as Project Portfolio Manager, after working with a leading mid-size IT services company. She had the experience of managing project portfolio with the help of metrics and wanted to build that culture at DAS Infotech.
“But what could be these parameters?” Shantanu seemed to be clueless. “OK, let me explain. We should have parameters related to quality, time, scope, and cost.” Sharanya smiled and started talking to her colleagues about what could be those parameters at DAS Infotech.
a. What kind of parameters related to quality Sharanya would recommend for DAS Infotech? (5 Marks)
b. What kind of parameters related to cost Sharanya would recommend for DAS Infotech? (5 Marks)
Electronic business is the online operation of activities to sell a product or a service. It can be a business of any form, which includes the interaction of the buyer and the seller electronically without any physical contact. Electronic communications technologies and applications are used in the e-business model to create value for the end customers. Across online education platforms, basically content is streamed over Internet to users who pay in return for the services provided. Byju, India’s leading online education platform, uses a mix of video lessons and interactive tools to personalize learning for students.
The sudden lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust schools and teachers of both public and private institutions into an emergency remote teaching mode. It becomes increasingly clear that the pandemic situation is likely to force the coming academic year to continue online. The Coronavirus has delayed the academic calendar by months and replaced school spaces by the virtual classrooms. Although the use of learning apps is not new to many families, the lockdown has triggered the use of online education platforms.
At present, 70% parents confirmed their child’s reliance on online classes conducted by schools or colleges in order to educate themselves during the lockdown. Among these, some are dependent solely on these classes, while others are taking them along with home schooling. The rest of the children are being home schooled without any online classes or not engaging in any form of learning due to lack of resources.
Among the digital platforms used before or during Covid-19 for the purpose of education, Byju’s stands as a prominent name, with most parents claiming to be using this app for their child’s education. Unacademy, Vedantu, Udemy are some of the other apps being currently used to support learning
Byju appointed you as a consultant to plan strategies for transformation from traditional to the new normal e-learning model.
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