AID18846 WESTEROS Automobiles Ltd.


WESTEROS Automobiles Ltd. is a leading two wheeler manufacturing company of India. The company is planning its international expansion in African continent. It has decided to start its operations in Nigeria. You are heading the HR Function in this new project and you are told by the company Directors to undertake a compensation survey in Nigeria so that important compensation can be made in the company. Discuss the process that you will follow to conduct compensation survey in Nigeria? (10 Marks)
INFOTECH is a well-known IT Company in India since 1995. Off late the company is facing a problem of high employee turnover. To address this issue, company is considering few employee retention strategies. In this background, answer the following:
a. Explain how will you convince the management to start the ESOPs?
b. Explain how will you convince management to start deferred pay outs?
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