AID18821 Synergy Pvt.


Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is a retail grocery store chain with a central distribution centre and 50 retail stores in a major metropolitan area. Managers at all levels at the head office, at the distribution centre, and in the retail stores need reports to develop a sales plan that indicates the expected sales volume for each item for the subsequent week. The distribution managers require actual delivery data as against the delivery standards to optimize distribution. All orders from the local stores are filled from the central distribution centre. The central distribution centre purchases inventory from suppliers and allocates it to the local stores based on a sales forecasting report. If a local store needs to replenish its stock because an item has fallen below a desired inventory level, the store manager can request additional stock from the central distribution centre.
Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is facing a problem of managing its distribution system and delay in accounting. The company requires a system to control inventories and manage the distribution process of various products to the stores. Delay in sales information is the main cause of concern.
a. How can an ERP address their concern? Discuss the inter relationship between various functions to justify your answer. (5 Marks)
b. Outline the broad requirements of a new system identifying the players and atleast three tasks at each level .