AID18724: Case Study – Suggest various types of segmentation for the brand Yuva




AID18724: Case Study

“Yuva” is a fitness band catering to Indian youth in lower price segment. There is a vast market who are health conscious and wants the latest tech in wearable device category. There are currently two fitness band that is being sold by the company.


Given below are their prices.

Yuva Basic Rupees 899/-

Yuva Pro Rupees 1199/-


The product quality is good given the price range. It has all fitness feature supported by a colourful design. It has a bigger display as compared to their competitors. The company has purposely kept the display bigger for the youth audience as they want the feel of a smart watch at the price of fitness band.


The company has a plan to sell only through online platform. The product is available on major ecommerce platform as well as on the company’s own website. It has just been 15 days that the product is launched but it doesn’t have any demand from consumers. There is no problem with the product but there are no promotions done by the company. You have been hired as a Marketing head of the brand Yuva.


  1. Suggest various types of segmentation for the brand Yuva. (10 Marks)