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Academic MBA Question:

NMMS Case Study

Raymond Fibres Ltd is a fibre making company in India. They are predominantly in fashion wear from men and women. The fibre market is divided into natural and synthetic fibres. The company has 5 plants in India and employs over 700 sales people. The company competes with the Reliance group which is one of the leading synthetic fibre makers along with some global players such as DuPont. However, the company has been hit with the economic slowdown in the country. To make things worse, cheaper imports of fashion wear from China and e-commerce has affected store sales. The sales people in the company are feeling demotivated. The sales people have put pressure on the top management to improve their salary.

  1. What alternatives will you suggest to the top management to improve the salary plan to the sales employees?
  2. What are some of the non-financial tools of motivation that you can use (5 Marks)


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