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Academic MBA Question:

Funky TV is a music television channel that is very popular amongst youngsters. It is considered a fun channel and has a great brand recall value, but due to high content costs and other expenses, it is not very profitable. The channel is successful because of the new formats and interesting ideas it keeps introducing regularly on air. The employees are mostly in the age group of 22-30. There are a few other employees from older age groups as well. The company prides itself on being a Crazy and Cool workplace. Each employee at the time of joining is given decorating material and lots of colorful paper to help them decorate their workplace. This is an open office layout. All employees including the senior management sit in the same area and there are small meeting rooms for people who wish to have a quiet conversation.

Every evening at 6 pm, one employee is randomly selected by draw of lots and gets to choose a playlist to play on the public address system. There is no dress code and employees are inspired to discover their individual style. The employees are encouraged to speak their mind, share their ideas and disagreements are considered healthy. Managers avoid taking unilateral decisions and prefer to have a consensus-based approach. The culture is also such that it attracts talented people from across all walks of life. The current channel programming in charge was a professor of physics before he joined the channel. Though the company faces stiff competition in the music television space and is not the best paymaster, it still has low levels of attrition.

  1. Describe the basic features of Schein’s model of culture and classify the elements of culture mentioned in the case into Schein’s framework
  2. What is the Function of culture? Give example from the case to show the function of culture for the employees of Funky TV


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