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Question: SmallSoft Ltd is a technology giant which over the years had built a huge organization, servicing customers globally. Started by a visionary founder, the organization’s products had almost a monopolistic control over the markets they operated in. However, the last decade saw them being taken over by smaller, more agile organizations. The Board realized that the current way of working would not help them retain their growth or their profitability and hence they decided to go in for a changed strategy. A new CEO was brought in, who quickly realized that the organization was stuck in the past ways of doing business and that its vision and mission were now redundant in the current technology scenario. Also, the teams were working in silos and the company structure needed to be integrated. The CEO called you, the Head-HR to discuss this. She has asked your help as the Head HR help transform the company and drive this change. You recommend that the company follow Kotter’s 8-step model to drive this change. Detail out the steps to be followed for Change Management as per Kotter’s 8-step model, adding on any specific points mentioned in the case.


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