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Academic MBA Question:

NMIMS Case Study

Dolls, Cars, activity kits, board games are toys liked by kids. M/s Wonderkids, a company that has multiple businesses has been eying the opportunity to target kids with various toys. The company has launched a doll with the name “Pari” and a car with the name “Speedy” . The company plans to distribute the products across the country. The doll “Pari” is available in the range of Rupees 400 ” 600 whereas the speedy car is available in the range of Rupees 350 -550. The company plans to target B2B customers by selling bulk quantity to kids based park, play groups. The company has just launched the product and it has hired you to handle the marketing activities of the new launched products.

Q1: Explain various ways to segment consumer market.
Q2: What is the distribution channel that you will use to distribute the product across Indian market? Explain the same with reason.


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