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Academic MBA Question:

NMIMS Assignment – Kushal is a trainer for Yummy Tummy a home grown brand, in FMCG business. He is very hard working and did brilliantly with the managers on their writing and helped them to feel more confident about it. Kushal worked with top executives as well as the shop floor level. He then realized that teaching and training people at ground level was his calling. Kushal was one of the top paid employees. Kushal met Mark, his superior and explained to him that he wanted to be associated in teaching and training only the ground level employees as there is a huge gap and area of improvement. He also agreed to work on reduced salary and started offering language classes as an add on benefit to the trainees. It was noticed that in due course of the time their productivity increased and some of them even began to apply for supervisory positions.

  • Which Content theories of motivation would explain why Kushal was unhappy despite his high income?
  • Kushal seems to have drifted into being a teacher. Given his needs and motivations, do you think teaching is an appropriate profession for him?


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