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Academic MBA Question:

Bringing “Joy in Fitness” to life
for a Smartwatch Brand

You are Brand Manager for a
Smartwatch Brand HighLife. Your core Campaign idea runs around Joy in Fitness.
You have organized an online Step count Marathon to get people moving. The
marathon will be active for 2 days where people with the Smartwatch can
participate and their steps will get logged in. As the objective is to get
maximum participation, people who do not have the smart watch can be encouraged
to buy one through an offer or they can directly participate through the
highlife app.

There is a nominal cost for
participation and the proceeds from that would go to Diabetes Association. You
want to invite people to participate. The objective is to associate Joy in
Fitness with Highlife Smart watch.

a. What would be your Target group and how will you reach out to them?
b. What would be your PR approach?


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