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Q: Sports over the years have become extremely competitive ‘ today, the scenarios are so intense that a minute can completely flip the course of a game. And in order to stay one step ahead of the rivals, sports teams are opting to analytics. And it is not only because of the competitive pressure but also because of fans base who seek detailed information about players, their performance and the reason why the team won or lost. Simply put, sports analytics is the practice of applying data gathered from a player’s or team’s performance under different circumstance for better decision making and improving performance. It can also be used to understand and maintain a team’s fan-base and capture the eye of investors. Sports analytics is not a very new concept, though ‘ it has been around for quite some time. However, the recent advancements in data collection and management have expanded its role significantly. (Source:

  1. Select an Indian Premier League (IPL) team of your choice and elaborate on how it used analytics to strategize its game.
  2. How can analytics be used in sports to understand fan preferences and predict the winner of the game?


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