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MBA Assignments – A leading school in Mumbai, with an 86-year old leading Education Network teaching over 70000 students across India planned to implement an ERP package. This institute has 200+ work locations spread across 8 states and employs 4500+ employees across the country. The institute emphasizes on the use of technology in teaching in all their schools, with state-of-the-art computer labs and interactive boards installed in classrooms. Due to its effective use of technology in education, this Education Group was awarded the “best ICT enabled school” in all of India. With the geographically dispersed staff, the Group was looking for a comprehensive and integrated solution that would connect their growing network of schools, standardize and automate their business operations and help them get a better control over their operations. Some of the key challenges that were faced by this institute were manual maintenance of HR and Payroll related activities via excel sheets. Lack of centralized HR, Poor data and operations management across geographically scattered locations. There was a lack of employee self-service, lack of an integrated and comprehensive recruitment and talent management suite. Data regarding the employees was scattered and employee data was not integrated with core HR processes (Source:

  1. Explain the functionalities of HR module that help mitigate the challenges faced by this group?
  2. What are certain challenges that the group could face while implementing the ERP package?


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