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MBA Assignment Question – Tata Starbucks is a 50:50 joint venture between Starbucks and Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) in India. Tata Starbucks opened its first store in India in Oct-2012, and as of Aug-2019 had c. 157 stores in India. “Our continued growth in topline and sensible approach towards expansion will help us achieve break-even by March 2020. Coffee business in India is growing substantially. The coffee culture is being spearheaded by millennial, upwardly mobile and people who travel and understand brand. Two years ago, we set up 25 stores (in a year). During last fiscal 2018-19 we added 30 stores. This year we will beat that number substantially and by end of March 2020, we will have added many more stores than we added in the past.” – Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks (source: The Hindu BusinessLine, 7-Aug-2019). Tata Starbucks achieved sales of c. INR 442 crores in the financial year ending Mar-2019 (source: the Hindu BusinessLine, 7-Aug-2019). You work as a Marketing Strategy consultant; provide recommendations regarding growth strategy to help Tata Starbucks increase the sales 5 times by Mar-2024 (relative to sales in financial year ending Mar-2019).


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