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Academic MBA Question:

Q: M/s Paper Write Corporation deals with the manufacturing and selling
of paper bags. The company has started this business looking at the opportunity
that exists, after plastic was banned by the government in some states. The
company has never used any modern day management practices and the business
continues to function in the traditional way. Mr. Ajay has been appointed as a
Manager to handle the overall functioning of the business. He notices few
things in the company:

a) One person reporting to three bosses

b) No specialized worker in the factory

c) Long hierarchy to get any approval

d) No following of rules and regulations

e) No designated place for inventory, tools, equipment’s, etc.

f) The team work among employees is missing.

Advise Mr. Ajay any five of Henry Fayol’s principles which can solve
the problems mentioned above. Explain the same with description.


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