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“Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas” is a new enterprise started by two young fitness freak entrepreneurs Mr. Balraj and Mr. Balbuddhi. Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas is a chain of gyms with a vision to make everyone healthy. The company has already opened 15 Gyms and Akhadas across five cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata.

The gym has all modern facilities and amenities like 24*7 security, convenient parking, flexi hours, group Classes on fitness, Personal Training, Private restrooms for males and females. The most unique thing about Balwaan is that it also has all Indian style akhadas where

Traditional body building is taught. Balwaan’s every store has a healthy café where they serve traditional healthy food and drinks at extra cost.

The membership fees for the same is 24,000 per annum without a personal trainer.

The company has been relying only on word of mouth for yearly memberships. The company has not undertaken any marketing promotion campaigns for the same. The company is falling short of its expectation when it comes to membership and revenues.

Assume the company has hired you as a Marketing consultant and they want you to advise them on the following issues:

Q1. List and discuss the major bases for segmentation of consumer markets. Explain the four variables in detail for Balwaan.


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