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Case Study: In Chandrapur, renamed the coal city, Western Coalfield Ltd’s (WCL), a public sector coal mining company’s, overburden dumps are located very close to the river beds. The Mana and Lalpeth mines, especially, have dumped so much over-burden in the Irai river that the river-bed has risen by several meters. Coal mining so close to rivers may also cause damage to the mines themselves. During heavy rains river water enters the mines even now, making coal extraction very difficult. The move to allow coal mining activities up to 250 meter from river banks has angered environment groups, especially in Vidarbha, an area currently reeling under floods, and where major rivers like Wardha and Irai are already heavily polluted because of coal mining. If the mines are moved closer, such incidents will rise, posing danger to mine workers. WCL will also incur losses. Mining has also adversely impacted river fauna. The forest land is turning into a desert and the wild life, specially tigers are disappearing. Somehow we have failed to intelligently sustain and manage the resources of nature, the primary source of all supply chain.

  1. Do you think environmental sustainability is an ethical principle? Elaborate on any two issues/principles involved in environmental ethics. (5 Marks)


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