AID17594: The Sri


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AID17594: The Sri
Lankan Shampoo market has strong growth and reasonable volume. The market is
dominated by Unilever and P&G which have more than 85% market share amongst
themselves. The rest 15% percent are scattered between 2-3 local players.
Unilever and P&G are at similar price point while all the other local
players are about 10-15% cheaper in prices. The top two parameters of buy of
the consumers there are Long Hair & Dandruff in that order. While Unilever
positions itself more on long hair, P&G is stronger on dandruff platform,
Other local players are mixed (confused?) positioning. One of the biggest
reason for the lower market share of local players is a perception of poor
quality of packaging and product. Both Unilever and P&G manufacture in
India and export to the Sri Lanka market.



a. Suggest what
would be your pricing strategy for the new brand of shampoo that you would
introduce in the Sri Lanka market based on the information.

b. Suggest the possible brand
positioning for your Shampoo.


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