AID17582: Kotwal


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AID17582: Kotwal
and sons have been a proprietary company for almost 30 years. They are a known
name for ink making. A lot of their products are exported. The company employs
close to 85 people at various levels in the factory and office. Mr. Ramesh
Kotwal the Director and owner of the company had started the company and had
never really thought of going by law where salaries were concerned. While most
of the staff with the company is working for years, they have only one complain
that that is standardized salaries. Anish Kotal has now taken over and wants to
create a standard on salaries by some tweaking. However, he wants to know the
details of the remuneration according to the law or act. Please answer the
following questions based on the information.

a. Mr. Gaidhuni, an expert consultant is helping Anish for his project of salary standardization
and lists various points as the employer’s duty to pay Equal Remuneration.
Please list these points for Anish.

b. List out the consequences of the offense committed under this act.


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