Advanced Web Design Assignment for AU 2020


AWD Assignment for AU 2020

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  1. Develop XML document that will hold player (Like Cricket) collection with field for player – name, age, batting – average and highest – score. Write suitable document type definition and schema for the XML.
  2. Develop a web page for employee registration form using HTML and validate the registration form with JavaScript.
  3. What is RMI? Create a remote phone book server that maintains a file of names and phone numbers and a client allows the user to scroll through the file using RMI concept.
  4. Create a website for a online super market. The website should have a home page which helps the users to navigate to various other pages. Every web page in the website gives a detailed description of different items present in the super market. Make the website user friendly by adding relevant images and other formatting options. The last web page should present a feedback form for the customer.

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