2nd Semester IGNOU MBA Solution 2020

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MS05 2020

“Operational level decisions deal with short-term planning and control problems.” Explain the various Operational (short-term) decisions in the light of the statement.

“The continuous form of processing requires a great deal of effort while designing.” Explain the characteristics and advantages of the continuous flow processes.

“Work sampling is a fact-finding tool.” Comment on the statement. Explain some uses of work sampling and work sampling procedure.

Under what circumstances would you use PERT as opposed to CPM in project management? Give some example of projects where each would be more applicable than the other.

“One of the powerful statistical techniques of quality control is Acceptance Sampling.” Explain the concept of acceptance sampling in view of the statement.

What are the major purposes of product specification and what are the common methods of product specification?

MS06 2020

  1. (a) Define Marketing. What would be the possible ..process between the firm and its customer.
    (b) Explain the elements of Marketing MiX…..packaging in the above two examples.
  2. (a) Distinguish Social Marketing…applicability of the 4PS.
    (b) Explain the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC)…following situations.
    (i) JiO Mobile Services
    (ii) usage of credit cards.
    (iii) An SUV of your choice.
  3. (a) What is a Marketing Organisation?…attached or familiar with.
    (b) What is consumer behavior…decision making process.
    Apply the six different roles which family …context of the following decision:
    (i) deciding in buying property (flat or apartment)
    (ii) buying the first car for the said family
  4. (a) What are the various product…Industrial product of your choice.
    (b) Discuss the various pricing methods…approaches to sales forecast for the following.
    (i) Premium Brand of Audio System.
    (ii) Demand for low cost airlines

MS07 2020

Discuss the concept of information system. Also, explain the various types of information systems.

Explain the following statement, “there is a two way relationship between organization and information systems.”

“Development of an information system requires adequate planning.” Describe a strategic planning process for system development.

“Information systems can fill a special role in corporate quality programs.” Explain how information systems contribute to Total Quality management?

Why is metadata an important component of a data warehouse? What is a metadata repository and how is it used by the query manger component of a data warehouse?

MS08 – JAN2020

Solve the following system of equations

A distribution is negatively skewed with the coefficient of skewness as -2.9. The value of mean and mode are 125 and 138, respectively. Find the variance of the distribution.

A doctor is to visit a patient. From the past experience, it is known that the probabilities that he will come by train, bus, scooter or by other means of transport are respectively 3/10, 1/5, 1/10 and 2/5. The probabilities that he will be late are ¼, 1/3 and 1/12, if he comes by train, bus and scooter respectively, but if he comes by other means of transport, then he will not be late. When he arrives, he is late. What is the probability that he comes by train?

An entrance examination for admission to a first degree course in medicine was conducted at the national level. The mean and standard deviation of the marks obtained by 15000 candidates were 40 and 8, respectively. Determine in terms of standard deviation, the standard marks of students getting 50 and 60 marks. Also find the marks obtained corresponding to standard marks 1.30 and 1.50.

What is standard error of estimate? How is it measured? List some of its important interpretations.