2nd sem IGNOU Combo Assignments MS 5-8

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2nd sem IGNOU Combo Assignments

MS-05 IGNOU MBA Assignments

1. (a) Enumerate the basic types of plant layouts. How does a cellular layout differ from a process layout?
(b) What are the different factors that should be considered for designing a plant layout?
2. What do you understand by work sampling technique? Highlight some uses of work sampling. What are the steps usually required in conducting a work sampling study.
3. (a) What is the distinctive feature of job production as compared to mass and batch production systems?
(b) Give three examples form your daily life of job production systems.
4. Describe the following, with illustrations
(a) Average Outgoing Quality (AOQ) Curve.
(b) FAST Diagrams
5. “Inventory management for slow moving expensive items should focus more on lead time reduction than anything else”. Critically examine the statement.

MS-06 MBA Assignments

1. a) Define Marketing and discuss its scope, prospects and challenges for Brick and Mortal marketers in the era of on-line/e- business marketer being successful.
b) Elaborate the key elements of marketing mix and explain their significance in strategy formulation by taking an example of a product and a service offering of your choice.

2. a) What do you understand by the term Market Planning? When and why the activity of planning emerges in an enterprise. Elaborate with an example.
b) Every product and service offering is faced with competition in the market place the level of competition varies with the product/ service category. In the light of the above what role can marketing research play in helping the firm to maintain and retain its position consistently. Discuss.

3. a) What do you understand by the term “Product”? Discuss at length with suitable illustrations.
b) As a Marketing Manager of a consistently growing FMCG company you are advised by the Top management to generate New Product Ideas for a line of wellness products. What methods you would adapt for generating new ideas and why? Discuss briefly the possible New Product Development Strategy for the proposed wellness product category.

4. a) In the above question pertaining to wellness product category and new product development strategy suggest the following and justify giving reasons
i) Brand name and packaging
ii) Pricing strategy
iii) Advertising and Publicity

b) Discuss briefly the various sales forecasting methods you are familiar with. Propose a suitable method/s for this following.
i) Wellness Products
ii) 100 C.C. gearless scooter

MS-07 IGNOU MBA Assignment solution

1. “An operating system performs allocation and assignment of system resources, schedules the use of computer resources, monitors the computer system activities etc.” Discuss briefly!
2. What impact does the implementation of programmed decision-making have on the management system of an organization?
3. Explain the concept of integrated software applications. Describe its advantages and business utility. Which of the business solutions offered by market leaders do you like the most? Why?
4. Briefly discuss the concept, fundamentals and vocabulary of a programming language from your course. Further, illustrate some important features of Visual Basic, Java.
5. What do you understand by competitiveness of ICT? Highlight the impact of ICT for the developing nations with respect to the economic activities.

MS-08 Solution for ignou assignment

  1. What factors in modern society contribute to the increasing importance of quantitative approach to management? List one application of quantitative techniques in each functional area of management.
  2. From the frequency distribution, find the standard deviation using the formula for the grouped data:
Class Interval Frequency
10-20 9
20-30 18
30-40 31
40-50 17
50-60 16
60-70 9
Total 100


  1. In a study to test whether there is a difference between the average height of adult females born in two different countries, random samples yielded the following results:

n1 = 120, x1 = 62.7, s1 = 2.50

n2 = 150, x2= 61.8, s2 = 2.62

where the measurements are in inches. Use 0.05 level of significance to test the difference between the average heights.


  1. Write short notes on:

(a) The F-distribution

(b) Auto-Regressive (AR) models.

  1. Find the area under the standard normal curve, which lies

(a) to the left of z = 0.94

(b) to the right of z = -0.65

(c) to the right of z = 1.76

(d) between z= – 0.34 and z= 0.62