1st Semester IGNOU Solved Assignment 2020

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MS01 2020

1. What are the essential components of a System…. you are referring to.

2. Briefly discuss the process and significance of formulation of strategy… of the organization, you are referring to.

3. Why are changes always resisted in an organizational set up?…organization and the context you are referring to.

4. Define and describe the dynamics of Group formation. …. and the organization you are referring to.

MS02 2020

1. Why there is a need of managing human resource management in changing scenario… due course of globalization.

2. How Outsourcing recruitment process is helpful in extracting a pool of talented candidates for an organization… your own words.

3. Training and development is an age old concept of in an organizational …coaching influences learning organization?

4. How does Workers’ Participation in Management influence to industrial democracy… lower levels for democratic organization?

5. Why does an organization face reluctance towards performance appraisal … can address such issues?

MS03 2020

1a) State the impact of social environment on business.
b) Examine how sociological environment affects… Give examples.

2. State the main objectives of industrial policy, 1991…  economic liberalization and globalization.

3. “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is increasingly important… capital in India.

4. Discuss the role of public sector in India… India.
5. Write short notes:
a) Small Scale Industries.
b) Globalization.
c) Balance of Payments.
d) Social Responsibilities of Business.

MS04 2020

Q1. Explain the meaning of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles…. Give your suggestions if any.
Q2. Discuss the methods of depreciation… from each other.
Q3. You are required to Compute all variances for a product X…which are as follows:…Assume no stocks of work-in-progress or finished goods at the beginning or at the end of the month.

Q4. Alpha Ltd is considering the purchase a new machine… Net Present Value assuming a 10% cost of capital.

Q5. Explain the Concepts of Working Capital… working capital requirements of the business.