1-Certificate in Digital Marketing NMIMS June 17



NMIMS Assignment Solution

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1. Subject: Internet Marketing

Q1. You have recently joined as Digital Head of a B2B Government of India held Company which is into Steel Manufacturing. The company does not have a web presence at all. Explain in detail the process of setting up a website. Explain atleast 2 innovative approaches that would form part of your B2B website (10 Marks) Q2. You are the Chief Marketing Officer of a newly opened 4 star hotel in Mumbai by the name of “Cosmopolitan”. What Online Media tools will you deploy via your hotel website to generate traffic to your website? (10 Marks) Q3. You have decided to become an entrepreneur by setting up your own Chinese fast food outlet with a facility to make food bookings online via your website a. What will be your approach towards Social Media Marketing? Explain (5 Marks) b. How do you plan to leverage mobile marketing platforms? Suggest innovative approaches. (5 Marks)

2. Subject: Information Systems for Managers

Q1. A company designs and manufactures modular microwave communication systems and exports them to the USA, Europe, and Mainland China. On the one hand, the existing system limited the company’s operating efficiency, caused much duplication of effort, and confused the business processes. On the other hand, the sales cycle of export and the need to maintain good customer service in the highly dynamic business environment put increasingly heavy pressure on the company. In order to maintain its competitiveness, the top management announced the launch of a series of projects including the adoption of an ERP system and the re-engineering of the complex business process to enhance the effectiveness of its global logistics and provide quick responses to customer demands. You have been appointed as a consultant to this company. How will you try to ensure smooth implementation of such an ERP software and what criteria will you keep in mind during the selection of the ERP vendor for this company? (10 Marks) Q2. The use of information technology (IT) is considered a prerequisite for the effective control of today’s complex supply chains. With the help of an example, explain how a company like Apple or Mc Donald’s manages its global supply chain with the help of Information systems. (10 Marks) Q3a. Retailer’s build long lasting relationship with their customers to ensure repeat store visits, brand loyalty and ultimately sales conversions. With an example from the retail sector, explain how information systems play an important role in managing your customers. (5 Marks) Q3b. Data mining is the process of extracting maximum information from a data set and converting it into meaningful observation for further application. With the help of an example, explain how data mining is used by a bank to its benefit. (5 Marks)

3. Subject: Social Media Marketing and Web Analytic

1. You have been appointed as an external consultant to help a recently opened Management Institute in Mumbai which has launched its own knowledge portal website. What Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning strategies will you adopt to build awareness amongst the student community? (10 Marks) 2. You are a leading FMCG company in India. Recently the FSSAI has charged your instant ready-to-eat snacks category as unhealthy containing unwanted nutrients. As Chief Marketing officer, entail atleast 5 steps or ideas that you will undertake to ensure that this claim is false & rebutted including on Social Media & Web based Platforms (10 Marks) 3. You have decided to become an Entrepreneur & have decided to foray into the business of Online travel bookings in Mumbai & your website is called as TravelComfort.com. a. Which tool will you use to track your website traffic & how will you associate the tool with your website? (5 Marks) b. Once you have shortlisted the online tool, what types of online metrics will you use to assess the performance of your website TravelComfort.com. (5 Marks)

4. Subject: E-commerce and Cyber Laws

Q1. Demonetization, in India led to a substantial rise in the volume of digital payments and the use of instruments such as mobile wallets. There has been a substantial growth in the number of electronic transactions. Reports suggest that, this transition towards digital payments in the financial sector is slated to continue, and by 2020, the digital payments industry will grow to over $500 billion and contribute 15% to the national GDP. Elaborate on the technological vulnerabilities in the online transactions in the financial sector and the measures that can be taken towards strengthening cybersecurity. (10 Marks) Q2. Online travel in India dominates the country’s travel market. Online penetration in travel and tourism bookings is estimated to increase from 41% in 2014 to 46% in 2017. Elaborate on some of the reasons that boost the online travel market in India and identify some key risks to making online reservations in this sector. Q3.a. E-commerce is transforming the consumer’s shopping experience. This sector has seen unprecedented growth in India in the last few years. The adoption of technology is enabling the e-commerce sector to be more reachable and efficient. Devices like smartphones, tablets and technologies like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and high speed broadband is helping to increase the number of online customers. Banks and other players in e-commerce ecosystem are providing a secured online platform to pay effortlessly via payments gateways. Despite the fact that the e-commerce sector is growing exponentially in India, it faces several challenges. Identify these challenges and elaborate on them. (5 Marks) Q3.b. 702 million smartphone users in India will account for 85% of mobile data traffic by 2020. Wireless devices have become increasingly ingrained into our daily lives. These devices open the door to heightened security risks. Not only do such devices become points of access for cybercriminals, but they also may be more easily breached than personal computers since many consumers do not secure their smartphones or tablets with antivirus software or take simple precautions such as enabling password protection. What are the ways in which cybercriminals take over smartphones and cause potential damage? (5 Marks)

5. Subject: Integrated Marketing Communications

Case Study: A popular spice manufacturing company “Fire Spice” plans to do promotion in the Indian Market. The company has never spent enough money on advertisements. The company now plans to give competition to MDH Masala, Badshah Masala and Everest Masala. The company appoints you as the Marketing Head of the organisation. Q1. How will you promote the brand “Fire Spice” in the Indian Market? Explain at least five promotion mix techniques with detailed explanation. (10 Marks) Q2. The “Fire Spice” company plans to launch its brand in the USA market. What are the challenges that a company will face when they enter international market? (10 Marks) Q3. Answer the following question: a) Radio is more effective than TV in metro as well as rural area” – Explain your view on the statement with minimum five examples. (5 Marks) b) “Ethical Advertising doesn’t increases sale for the product”- Explain your view on the statement with minimum five examples. (5 Marks)

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