NMIMS Solved Assignments Sep 2019

NMIMS Solved Assignments

Session for 2019 September

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Management Theory and Practice NMIMS Solution 2019
Q1. Mr. Rathi, a Tax consultant has advised you to invest in property to save money in taxes. You have been paying a lot of money through taxes, so you take his advice and now plan to buy a new house for investment purpose. Explain various steps that you will go through in making a decision for purchasing a new house. 10 Marks

Q2. There are three models of decision making, explain the model that will apt for purchasing a house. Explain the same with reason. Also, suggest the reason for not accepting the remaining models for purchase of the house. 10 Marks

Q3. a. As per Maslow’s need of hierarchy model where do you stand in the model if you are:
Situation A: Purchasing the house for your personal stay and usage.
Situation B: Purchasing the house for investment purpose.
Explain the above given points with detail reasons. 5 Marks

3. b. As per Alderfer’s ERG Model where do you stand in the model if you are:
Situation A: Purchasing the house for your personal stay and usage.
Situation B: Purchasing the house for investment purpose.
Explain the above given points with detail reasons. 5 Marks

Organizational Behavior NMIMS Solution 2019
Q1. Rajesh and Karan are peers and they are working as sales executive in a pharma company. While Rajesh loves his work and find it very interesting but under same circumstances Karan detests his job, also finds it to be very taxing. Select the best school of thought on stress to explain that with the same working condition and same treatment why Rajesh and Karan are feeling so differently.

Q2. Sana is finding it very difficult to make friends at her workplace. She stays aloof and does not bond with anyone. Her performance is also not great. She proactively met a psychologist to understand herself better. The facts which unraveled were associated with her young age that she was raised by a caretaker who used to beat her from infancy. Also no one supported her for the decisions she took. Sana’s family never understood her and also her childhood friend betrayed. Imagine you are Sana’s psychologist and hence need to explain her the Freudian Stages of personality development and how it had impacted her. Conclude by giving your suggestion to Sana to overcome this issue.

Q3. Sameer is working as Vice President (IT) and Jatin is Advisor to the CEO. Sameer never arrives for any meeting on time and also delays the work given to his team. He likes to make people wait for him as he knows with the input of IT head the meeting would never be successful. Jatin on the other hand is very friendly with the people and also makes ally with other heads and influential people in order to get things done from Sameer. Whenever he discusses any topic with Sameer he makes minutes of it and marks a copy to the CEO. All these activities done makes sure that Sameer completes his work on time Based on the above scenario, answer these
a. What is the source of power for Sameer? Discuss the same.
b. What are the power tactics being used by Jatin? Explain

Business Economics NMIMS Solution 2019
1. What is Demand forecasting? Explain different qualitative methods of demand forecasting. State which of the methods described is most suitable for forecasting the demand for “newspaper” and why? (10 Marks)

2. Complete the hypothetical table below and explain in brief, the law of variable proportions.
Quantity Total Product Average Product Marginal product
1 – 10 –
2 – 30 –
3 – 48 –
4 – 56 –
5 – 56 –
6 – 52 –
(10 Marks)

3. a. Explain the types of elasticity of demand. Calculate elasticity of demand for the following data.
Price of Apple (Rs.) Quantity demanded (KGs)
20 100
21 96
(5 Marks)

3. b. Distinguish between the features of perfect competition and monopolistic competition. Give real world examples of each of these types of markets. (5 Marks)

Corporate Social Responsibility NMIMS Solution 2019
Q1. Pick & choose a Sustainability report of an Indian company in the Services domain only & choose any one Water Management initiative & any one Rural Management initiative being undertaken by the organisation. Analyze and explain the initiative’s qualitative and quantitative data in the form of a case, such that it showcases all the benefits, financial and non-financial that accrue to the company. 10 Marks
Q2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai (CSIA) has offered a job role to you in the capacity of a CSR Head. The Airport has created this position recently & has no previous experience in CSR. Describe in brief atleast 10 innovative initiatives that you will implement & drive in this new organization of yours. 10 Marks
Q3. One of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is ‘Zero Hunger’. The primary objective behind this goal is to ensure availability & sustainable management of food for all.
a. What according to you are five compelling reasons behind the existence of Hunger issues in India.(5 Marks)
b. Suggest five strategies/action plan that can be adopted by businesses to make Zero Hunger an achievable target in India in the coming years. (5 Marks)

Information Systems for Managers NMIMS Solution 2019
1. The Government of India has planned to harness the benefits of the cloud and has undertaken the ambitious initiative “GI Cloud” which has been named as “MeghRaj”. The aim of this initiative is to facilitate quick delivery of e-services in the country to the citizens while optimizing ICT spending of the Government. This will ensure optimum utilization of the infrastructure and speed up the development and deployment of eGov applications. Meghraj will provide services to the government departments, citizens and businesses through internet as well as mobile connectivity. What are the expected benefits from this initiative to the citizens? What could be the challenges in this initiative? (10 Marks)

2. The Indian Banking scenario has undergone a radical change in the last two decades. While it was once necessary to visit the branch to carry out various transactions, customers today have an access to multiple platforms to conduct various transactions. Royal Bank of India, a leading bank in India is facing several challenges with their existing approach of systematically engaging with their customers and making the correct product offering. As a result, it is failing to boost its revenues. In order to address this challenge, the bank plans to use analytics to analyze customer requirements and journey better. How in your opinion can Royal Bank of India use analytics to engage better with customers by predicting their behaviour? (10 Marks)

3. A food-tech start-up plans to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help automate all the tasks within the organization. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to this start-up,
a. What factors will you consider when you select the right ERP vendor for your start-up? (5 Marks)
b. Would you select an open source ERP software or an on premise solution for your implementation? Give justification for your answer. (5Marks)

Business Communication NMIMS Solution 2019
Q1. Give examples of the following types of Biases in a sentence: Gender bias, Racial bias, Age bias, Disability bias. How can they be avoided? (10 Marks)

Q2. FashionStation.com is an online apparel store. You are the Online Customer Service Manager. A disgruntled customer has written a rude email complaining that the chiffon blouse she purchased a month ago has torn and shrunk, after just machine-washing it once. Your website clearly mentions that delicate materials like chiffon can only be hand-washed. She is asking for a replacement or a complete refund of Rs. 2000. How would you respond to this complaint? Draft an email. (10 Marks)

Q3a: You’ve just finished the first document draft of a crucial proposal you are to send out next week. Explain the different tactics you may use to proofread it. (5 Marks)

Q3b: You’ve been shortlisted for an interview at your dream company. What are the different common types of Interviews you should mentally prepare yourself for? (5 Marks)

2nd Semester NMIMS Assignment Solution Sep 2019

Marketing Management NMIMS June 2019

1. Assume you plan to purchase a new car for personal use. This will be the first car that you will be purchasing. Discuss various steps of consumer buying process that will be involved in purchasing a car.

2. M/s Furnideas wishes to sell furniture in the Indian Market. The company is known for their innovative ideas in furniture. The company has a global presence in selling furniture. The company sells to High, Middle and Lower Income group in different countries based on the segmentation. Furnideas appoints you as a consultant to guide them on types of segmentation that they should use for their furniture.

3. M/s Furnideas (as given in question 2) wants to promote its brand and products to create awareness and increase the sale of its products

a. Explain various promotion mix tools that you will use for M/s Furnideas to create awareness about the brand and products.

b. Explain any three online marketing tools that you will use to increase the sale for M/s Furnideas.

Financial Accounting and Analysis NMIMS June 2019

1. An investor wants to tests the financial position of Asian Paints Ltd. Thus, he wants to assess the short term liquidity as well as long term solvency. Discuss the four relevant ratio’s which he will definitely look into.
2. Discuss the components of Other Income under the statement of Profit and Loss accounts of any Indian Corporate. How other income is different from revenue from normal operations under the vertical format.

  1. The following information is provided by a dealer in computer chips. The dealer follows FIFO method for valuing stock, calculate from the following figures –

Date                            particulars

April 1, 2019              Opening stock 750 chips @Rs1550 per chip


April 10, 2019            1000 chips @Rs1750 per chip

April 20, 2019            1650 chips @ Rs1875 per chip


April 15, 2019            900 chips @Rs3000 per chip

April 16, 2019            1950 chips @ Rs 3250 per chip

  1. a) Cost of goods available for sale
  2. b) Gross profit

Essentials of HRM NMIMS June 2019

1. Mazbooti Pvt Ltd is a civil engineering firm doing projects in buildings, roads, bridges, Flyovers etc. Recently they have bagged a lot of projects for which they require Graduate Trainee Engineers as well as Diploma Trainee Engineers in huge numbers. What could be the method of recruitment in such scenario? Discuss any two methods of recruitment for such high numbers also conclude by choosing the best method.

2. As per various researches it is reported that simulations are one of the most effective way of training. Discuss this statement with the help of strong supporting justifications and examples. Also conclude by suggesting any other form of training which can be considered to be as strong as simulations.

3. Kaira is working as an Assistant Manager –Marketing from past five years in an FMCG company. She is a very hard working and dedicated employee. Her performance has also been good consistently. She is one of the deserving employee who never got her fair share of success. From past five years she has not got a single promotion because of which she is contemplating to resign. She communicated the same to Mohit who is her reporting authority. Mohit apprises this to the top management and even gives cues that because of lack of career planning their organisation is in a verge of losing an important talent. Sanjay, the Operations Head on the other hand is totally against the idea of Career planning.

a. Mohit is asked to prepare a list of merits of Career planning. Help him prepare the same.

b. Sanjay opposes Mohit with his list of demerits on the career planning. Mention all the pros and cons of career planning and highlight who is right, Mohit or Sanjay?

Strategic Management NMIMS June 2019


M/s Ximi wants to enter in the washing machine and refrigerator market in India. The company has earned a lot of reputation in the global market. The company is known for low priced segment and delivers the best quality. The service is the best in the world. The response time to customer problems is less than 24 hours.

1. The CEO appoints you as a consultant to analyze the external environment for the Ximi Brand. Analyze.

2. Discuss the various types of business models and suggest the one that should be implemented by M/s Ximi for their product launch in India. Explain the same with reason.

3. a. Explain various functional strategies that M/s Ximi can adopt to improve and maximize the resource productivity.

3. b. Explain any five CSR activities that the company should undertake in India to benefit its stakeholders.

Business Statistics NMIMS June 2019

  1. The Stock Price details of TATA TELESERVICES (MAHARASHTRA) LTD. are given below
DateCloseNo. of sharesNo. of tradesTotal turnover
13-3-2019 3.46149428116514536

For the above sample, determine the following measures:

  1. The mean closing price
  2. The standard deviation of total number of shares
  3. The median value of number of trades
  4. The 75th percentile value of total turnover

Analyze the above data using descriptive statistics and comment on the relationship between the various variables

  1. Let’s assume that you have gathered the following information on the prices for different management books and the number of pages that each book contains.
  1. Develop a least-squares estimated regression line.
  2. Compute the coefficient of determination and explain its meaning.


  1. The OECD cut forecasts again for the global economy in 2019 and 2020, following on from previous downgrades in November, as it warned that trade disputes and uncertainty over Brexit would hit world commerce and businesses. The Organization for Economic Co- Operation & Development forecast in its interim outlook report that the world economy would grow 3.3 percent in 2019 and 3.4 percent in 2020. Those forecasts represented cuts of 0.2 percentage points for 2019 and 0.1 percentage points for 2020, compared to the OECD’s last set of forecasts in November. “High policy uncertainty, ongoing trade tensions, and a further erosion of business and consumer confidence are all contributing to the slowdown,” said the OECD in its report. “Substantial policy uncertainty remains in Europe, including over Brexit. A disorderly exit would raise the costs for European economies substantially,” added the OECD. Europe remains impacted by uncertainty over Britain’s plans to exit the European Union, the U.S. – China trade spat and other weak spots, such as signs of a recession in Italy. For Germany, Europe’s largest economy, the OECD more than halved its 2019 GDP growth forecast to 0.7 percent from 1.6 percent previously. It predicted a light recovery to 1.1 percent growth in 2020. Germany’s export-reliant economy is particularly affected by weaker global demand and rising trade barriers.

(Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-oecd-economy/global-economic-growthforecasts-cut-again-by-oecd-idUSKCN1QN13N)

  1. In your opinion what forecasting tools are used in the above case for forecasting the global economy? Justify.
  2. Are the forecasts accurate? Comment. What all errors are possible in the forecasts and how to deal with such errors?

Business Law NMIMS June 2019

1. Explain the difference between (i) express conditions and warranties; and (ii) implied conditions and warranties. List out, with distinct examples, the different implied conditions and warranties contained under Sales of Goods Act, 1930.

2. List at least 2 (two) cases that have been decided by Competition Commission of India that has led to ensure that any adverse appreciable effects on competition or abuse of dominant position has been contained by Competition Commission of India.

3. Arunima, Nishita, Shanaya and Komal are homemakers who decided to run a business of a homemade tiffin service in the city of Nagpur. The business has grown exponentially and there is a need to expand the business, which requires an investor. They have approached various venture capitalists who have advised them that they should first get their entity registered. Post registration of entity the venture capitalist may look at investing or buying a stake in the business. Hence, they have approached you for some advice:

a) Can you explain the different forms of business entities prevalent in India?

b) After going through different types of business, they have taken a special interest in partnership firm with limited liability. Can you advise them in detail on what is partnership firm with limited liability, formation and rights and liabilities of such partner?