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Fill in the blanks
Q1: For non-corporate assessees, e-filing of service tax return is ________.
Ans: Mandatory
Q2: Yellow Bill of Entry is required for ________ .
Ans: Warehousing
Q3: The effective rate of Service Tax at present is __________.
Ans: 12.36%
Q4: SSI units are required to submit __________ return in Form No. ER-3.
Ans: Quarterly.
Q5: In Customs and Excise law, the commitment of offence beyond reasonable doubt has to be proved by _________.
Ans: Department.
Q6: The time limit for filing appeal to CESTAT is ______________.
Ans: 3 Months/90 days
Q7: The Central Sales Tax applicable to goods exempt from State Sales Tax is _____.
Ans: Zero/ Nil
Q8: Assessable Value in case of Captive Consumption is the Cost of Production plus _________.
Ans: 10%
Q9: The Fifteen Digit PAN based registration number is Called __________ Under the Indirect Tax.
Q10: The Finance Act, 2012 introduced _____Number of Services on which no tax has been levied.
Ans: 17
Q11: Exclusive Economic Zone extends to Nautical Miles from the base line of the coast.
Ans: 200
Q12: MRP Provisions are not applicable for packaged commodities meant for ______________.
Ans: Industrial or institutional Consumers.
Q13: Post Shipment Charges ____________considered for Assessable Value under the Customs Act.
Ans: Will not be
Q14: VAT be imposed on the value of Service.
Ans: Cannot
Q15: The unutilized Cenvat Credit can be carried forward up to number of years.
Ans: Any
State with reasons, whether the following are True or False
Q1: Stock transfer is to be treated as Inter State Sale under the CST Act, 1956.
Ans: False
Q2: Transfer by way of mortgage are liable to CST.
Ans: False
Q3: “Service provider providing taxable service under brand name of others”-liable to pay service tax.
Ans: True
Q4: Captive consumption goods need certification.
Ans: True
Q5: Buying Commission is always includible in Customs Value.
Ans: False