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Match the terms in Column I with the relevant terms in Column II.

Column IColumn II
(A)  Machining of flat metallic surfaces by single point cutting tools(i) Economic lot size
(B)  One of the key decisions that determines the long run efficiency in operations(ii) Hobbing operation
(C)  The most accurate way of cutting gears(iii) Shifting production during breakdown
(D)  Delivery of products to customers or to inventory stocks according to some pre determined schedule(iv) Preventive Maintenance
(E)   The quantity of output produced in one batch which results in lowest average cost of production(v) Plant Layout
(F)   Various workloads are assigned to standby under-utilized machines at intervals and by rotation in order to maintain the output(vi) Robotics
(G)   Periodic inspection of equipment and machinery to uncover conditions that lead to production break- down and harmful depreciation(vii) Production Planning and Control
(H)  A fast developing field of technology in which human like machines perform production tasks(viii) Shaping

(A) – (viii)
(B) – (v)
(C) – (ii)
(D) – (vii)
(E) – (i)
(F) – (iii)
(G) – (iv)
(H) – (vi)
Examine each statement and indicate whether it is True or False
Q1: A pump moves liquids from higher pressure to lower pressure.
Ans: False
Q2: In general, long-range forecasting is more useful in production planning.
Ans: False
Q3: Technological obsolescence is a major danger which business firms face in modern era.
Ans: True
Q4: Plastic coating is less durable than painting.
Ans: False
Q5: A work stoppage generally reduces the cost of production.
Ans: False
Put an appropriate word or two in blank position
Q1: The Pattern Shop in a factory should ideally be near the………………
Ans:  Foundry
Q2: Factor comparison is a method of………………………
Ans: Job evaluation
Q3: …………… the interval between placing an order for a particular item and its actual receipt.
Ans: Lead time
Q4: Product is a combination of potential utilities for a……………….
Ans: Consumer
Q5: A jig contains a device for guiding the…………………
Ans: Tools
For each part below, choose the most appropriate answer out of the four options given against each part
Q1:  Surface hardening is an example of
(A) Production by application of machine tool
(B) Production by disintegration
(C) Production by integration
(D) Production by service [Ans]
Q2: The desired objective of Production and Operation Management is
(A) Use of cheap machinery to produce
(B) To train unskilled workers to manufacture goods perfectly
(C) Optimal utilization of available resources  [Ans]
(D) To earn good profits
Q3: Most suitable layout for Job Production is
(A) Line layout
(B) Matrix layout
(C) Process layout [Ans]
(D) Product layout
Q4: The time horizon selected for forecasting depends on
(A) The salability of the product
(B) The selling capacity of salesman
(C) Purpose for which forecast is made [Ans]
(D) Time required for production cycle
Q5: A method in which a trend line is drawn in such a way that the sum of the squares of deviations of the actual points above and below the trend line is at the minimum is known as
(A) Squared trend method
(B) Equal square method
(C) Adjusted square method
(D) Least square method [Ans]
Section II: Information Systems
Put an appropriate word or two in blank position
Q1:  A record is identified by its…………
Ans: Key field
Q2:  ………………is a process of assessing risk and reducing it to an acceptable level.
Ans:  Risk Management
Q3: In Client Server architecture,……………… software is used.
Ans:  DBMS
Q4: An Executive Information System is an advanced model of………………………
Ans: Decision Support System
Q5: After bootstrapping, Operating System from Hard Disk is loaded into………………to put the computer in operation.
Ans:  RAM
For each part below, choose the most appropriate answer out of the four options given against each part
Q1: Data are stored sequentially on the value of the key field irrespective of order of creation of records
(A) Random file [Ans]
(B) Sequential file
(C) Word file
(D) Transaction file
Q2: A data set in the form of graph, picture or frictional diagram is represented by )
(A) Iconic scale model
(B) Analytical model
(C) Mathematical model [Ans]
(D) Waterfall model
Q3: Unauthorised access to software and information for causing damage is known as
(A) Cracking
(B) Hacking [Ans]
(C) Virus
(D) Software piracy
Q4: Barcode is
(A) Unit used in banking industry
(B) Universal product code [Ans]
(C) Spreadsheet package
(D) Scan graphs
Q5: ‘Packet switching’ on the Internet refers to
(A) Type of circuitry
(B) Switching components
(C) Method of data movement [Ans]
(D) Packet of hard copy of documents
Match the terms in Column I with the relevant terms in Column II

Column IColumn II
(A) Super zapping(i) Market Intelligence
(B) Trend monitoring(ii) To eliminate syntax errors
(C) Debugging(iii) Carried out by the programmer
(D) Protocol(iv) Programs written in HLL
(E) Function test(v) Access to special system programs
bypassing normal systems control
(F) Source Program(vi) Rules for transmission
(G) RAM(vii) Complex interface
(H) Synchronous Communication(viii) Volatile

(A) – (v)
(B) – (i)
(C) – (ii)
(D) – (vi)
(E) -(iii)
(F) – (iv)
(G) – (viii)
(H) – (vii)