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For each part below, choose the most appropriate answer out of the four options given against each part :
Q1:  One of the product examples for Line Layout is :
(A) Repair Workshop
(B) Welding shop
(C) Engineering College
(D) Cement [Ans]
Q2: The card which is prepared by the dispatching department to book the labour involved in
each operation is :
(A) Labour card
(B) Wage card
(C) Credit car
(D) Job card [Ans]
Q3:  Jigs are used in machine tool for holding :
(A) Tools [Ans]
(B) Work piece
(C) Head stock
(D) Tail stock
Q4:  Cost reduction can be achieved through :
(A) Work samplin
(B) Value analysis [Ans]
(C) Quality assurance
(D) Supply chain management.
Q5: Addition of value to raw materials through application of technology is :
(A) Product
(B) Production [Ans]
(C) Advancement
(D) Transformation.
Put an appropriate word or two in blank position :
Q1:  is a Single Purpose Machine Tool designed for cutting gears.
Ans: Hobbing machine
Q2: A key application of is to reduce the current before transmitting electrical energy over long distance through wires.
Ans: Transformer
Q3: is a technique for determining the quantity and timing for the acquisition of dependent demand items needed to satisfy master production schedule requirements.
Ans: MRP (Materials Requirement Planning)
Q4: To evaluate the work done by preventive maintenance, is derived at from thetotal time of stoppage of the machine for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work.
Ans: Down time
Q5: In linear programming, the word ‘linear’ establishes certain relationships among different .
Ans: Variables
Match the terms in Column I with the relevant terms in Column II.

Column IColumn II
(A)  Making a cylindrical hole in an object
(B)  Joining two metallic objects
(C)  Heat Treatment
(D)  Thread in a nut
(E)  To reduce movement of materials
(F)  To study one operator one machine
(G)  Shortest processing time
(H)  Brain storming
(1)   Lathe
(2)   Value Analysis
(3)  Flow Diagram
(4)  Machine Data Card
(5)   Riveting
(6)   Drilling
(7)  Hardening

(A) — (6)
(B) — (5)
(C) — (7)
(D) — (1)
(E) — (3)
(F) — (4)
(G) — (8)
(H) — (2)
Section II : (Information Systems)
Match the terms in Column I with the relevant terms in Column II :

Column IColumn II
(A)  Baud Rate(i)     A program/utility under Windows
(B)  FAQ(ii)    Term associated with magnetic tape
(C)  Search Engine(iii)   Relating to official provider of information
and files
(D)  Flip-flop(iv)   A website enabling users to access various
level of information
(E)  Domain name(v) Transmission speed of communication
(F)  Icon(vi)    Bistable device
(G) Home Page(vii)  A list of common questions and sometimes
with answers
(H)  IBG(viii)  First hypertext document displayed

(A) — (v)
(B) — (vii)
(C) — (iv)
(D) — (vi)
(E) — (iii)
(F) — (i)
(G) — (viii)
(H) — (ii)
For each part below, choose the most appropriate answer out of the four options given against each part :
Q1:  A number system with a base 8 is known as :
(A) Binary
(B) Decimal
(C) Octal [Ans]
(D) Hexadecimal
Q2: A common coding language for the www is :
(A) HTML [Ans]
(B) Front Page
(C) Netscape
(D) Listserver
Q3: ‘Firmware’ is associated with :
(A) Application software for firms
(B) Special purpose hardware device;
(C) Benchmark software
(D) Software in ROM [Ans]
Put an appropriate word in blank position
Q1: The purpose __________ of is to determine whether the developed or acquired software achieves its specified requirements.
Ans: Testing
Q2: In __________ Network, terminals (end nodes) are connected to a central node or hub node.
Ans: Star
Q3: The basic aim of in __________ data structure is to eliminate redundancy and inconsistent dependency.
Ans: Normalisation
Q4: In Control Unit of CPU, the summation of instruction time and execution time is called __________ time.
Ans:  Cycle
Each statement below is either ‘True’ or ‘False’. Indicate the same in your answers
Q1:  An open system is a self-contained one and normally a rigid one.
Ans: False
Q2:  Data mart is a complex form of data warehousing, costly and time consuming.
Ans: False
Q3:  A record is identified by its key field.
Ans: True