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Online MCQ Assignment Answer

QN1: A method of financing a business where money is received by the issuance of shares in the enterprise.

a. Equity Capital

b. Demerger

c. Merger

d. Debt

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Answer: a. Equity Capital

QN2: Sales revenue less cost of sales, operating expenses, and interest, before taxes have been paid.

a. EBT

b. EAT

c. PAT


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Answer: a. EBT

QN3: Persons who have left their country and live abroad.

a. Expatriate

b. NRI

c. Foreigners

d. Natives

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Answer: a. Expatriate

QN4: Financial transaction whereby an enterprise sells its debt claims to a third party in order to obtain cash

a. Factoring

b. Forfaiting

c. Accounting

d. Cash Management

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Answer: a. Factoring

QN5: …lease is where the lessor is considered only as a financier.

a. Finance

b. Left

c. Right

d. Time

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Answer: a. Finance

QN6: Any 12month period which is set for accounting purpose of an enterprise.

a. Accounting Year

b. Fiscal Year

c. Calender Year

d. Assessment Year

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Answer: b. Fiscal Year

QN7: Part of economic policy which relates to taxation and public expenditure.

a. Monetary Policy

b. Fiscal Policy

c. Cash Policy

d. Exim Policy

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Answer: b. Fiscal Policy

QN8: ___Property is also called as real property, immovable property comprises land, houses and buildings.

a. Movabale

b. Fixed

c. Immovable

d. Liquid

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Answer: c. Immovable

QN9: Capital receipts are shown in the Balance Sheet on the … side.

a. Above

b. Below

c. Asset

d. Liability

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Answer: d. Liability

QN10: Winnings from lotteries, races etc. are taxable under the head “Income from other sources”.



c. Sometimes

d. Can’t Say

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Answer: a. TRUE

QN11: Wealth tax is to be rounded off to nearest multiple of…

a. 1

b. 10

c. 100

d. 1000

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Answer: c. 100

QN12: Tax is to be rounded off to nearest multiple of …

a. Ten

b. Hundred

c. Rupee

d. Thousand

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Answer: a. Ten

QN13: Year in which income is earned is known as… Year.

a. Annual

b. Taxable

c. Assessment

d. Previous

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Answer: d. Previous

QN14: Aggregate amount of deduction under section 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD cannot exceed:

a. 150,000

b. 100,000

c. 200,000

d. 250,000

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Answer: a. 150,000 (Note: A new section 80CCD (1B) has been introduced for an additional deduction of up to Rs 50,000. So total Rs. 200,000 if include 80CCD (1B)

QN15: LLC stands for limited liability …

a. Corporation

b. Company

c. Console

d. Centre

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Answer: b. Company

QN16: Tax and/or accounting convention under which the value of assets/liabilities is adjusted to reflect fair market value of a specific date.

a. conventional tax rate

b. Sovereign Rate

c. Mark to market

d. Managerial

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Answer: c. Mark to market

QN17: ___is an increase in the price of something, especially from the price a trader pays for something to the price he sells it for.

a. Column-down

b. Column-up

c. Mark-down

d. Mark-up

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Answer: d. Mark-up

QN18: Tax on mortgages usually in the form of a stamp duty levied on the mortgage document.

a. Mortage tax

b. Document Tax

c. Implied tax

d. Annual Tax

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Answer: a. Mortage tax

QN19: A lack of due care or failure to do what a reasonable and ordinarily prudent person would do under the given circumstances.

a. Accounting Fraud

b. Negligence

c. Accounting Mistake

d. Fraud

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Answer: b. Negligence

QN20: Obligation to persuade a court or other entity of the validity of a factual assertion.

a. Branch Tax

b. Statutiory Tax

c. Burden of Proof

d. Compliance Tax

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Answer: c. Burden of Proof

QN21: A tax imposed on an act, occupation, privilege, manufacture, sale, or consumption.

a. Sales

b. Excise

c. Income Tax

d. IPR tax

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Answer: b. Excise

QN22: Income-tax is an annual tax on …

a. Royality

b. Income

c. charity

d. Commission

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Answer: b. Income

QN23: Generally, an income amount that relates to a future period and therefore can be set aside and included in income for that period.

a. Asset

b. Liability

c. Surplus

d. Reserves

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Answer: d. Reserves

QN24: A deduction used to reduce net income for tax purposes.

a. Taxation

b. Liability

c. Write Off

d. Reserves Creation

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Answer: c. Write Off

QN25: Term generally used to describe a number of operations involving the reorganization of companies.

a. Trial Balance

b. Merger

c. Acquisition

d. Take Over

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QN26: Department of government generally responsible for formulating monetary policy, implementing the tax laws, collecting revenue, etc.

a. Ministry of Accounting

b. Monistry of Commerce

c. Ministry of Finance

d. Ministry of Taxation

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Answer: c. Ministry of Finance

QN27: .. Is the gross income less deductible income related expenses.

a. Net

b. Pure

c. Total

d. Casual

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Answer: a. Net

QN28: Association of two or more person (individuals or companies) formed for the purpose of making a profit.

a. Sole Propreitorship

b. JSCs

c. Strategic Alliance

d. Partnership

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Answer: d. Partnership

QN29: An intangible asset that represents the superior earning power of a business.

a. Asset

b. Liability

c. Goodwill

d. Pure Asset

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Answer: c. Goodwill

QN30: A written application addressed to a court or judge, and stating facts and circumstances relied upon as a cause for judicial action.

a. Filing

b. Petition

c. Application

d. Writ

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Answer: b. Petition

QN31: Any 12-month period which is set for accounting purpose of an enterprise is … year.

a. Fiscal

b. Previous

c. Assessment

d. Monetary

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Answer: a. Fiscal

QN32: A risk-management strategy to balance positions of different business units or with unrelated third parties is called … hedging.

a. Liberal

b. Expatriate

c. Foreign

d. Global

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Answer: d. Global

QN33: The period following the due date of taxes during which legal action for recovery of delinquent taxes will not be instituted and interest will not commence to run is … Period.

a. Flexible

b. Grace

c. Advanced

d. Extended

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Answer: b. Grace

QN34: Reserves which are not disclosed on the balance sheet of an enterprise, either by overvaluing debts or undervaluing assets are called… reserves.

a. Fixed

b. Hidden

c. Flexible

d. Statutory

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Answer: b. Hidden

QN35: A tax applied at the same rate to all levels of income is … Tax.

a. Straight Line

b. Flat Tax

c. Forward

d. Fixed Tax

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Answer: b. Flat Tax

QN36: Amount of money received by persons or entities as compensation for damages or for losses incurred.

a. Deflamation

b. Indemnification

c. Income Shifting

d. Income Spliting

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Answer: b. Indemnification

QN37: Real property or personal property that is received by heirs.

a. Solely

b. Benefited

c. Gifted

d. Inheritance

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Answer: d. Inheritance

QN38: A transaction among parties, each of whom acts in his or her own best interest is called…Transaction.

a. Arm’s Length

b. Attributable

c. Auxilary

d. Pending

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Answer: a. Arm’s Length

QN39: Environment tax is commonly called as… tax.

a. Green

b. Eco

c. Forest

d. White

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Answer: a. Green

QN40: Rule under which one is precluded and forbidden by law to speak against his own act or deed.

a. Pestel

b. Escort

c. Estoppel

d. onograph

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Answer: c. Estoppel
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