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Online Assignment for Business Math 3rd Set

Business Math Online Objective Set 3

Q.No.QuestionOption AOption BOption COption D
1There are 8 students on the curling team and 12 students on the badminton team. What is the total number of students on the two teams if three students are on both teams:2017[Ans]1514
2IfA={a,{b}} frndP(A){0,{a},{{b}},{{a},{b}}}[Ans]{{a},{{b}},{{a},{b}}}{0,{{b}},{{a},{b}}}{0,{{b}},{{a},{b}}
3Determine the total number of subsets of the following set: {h,i, j, k, 1, m, n}128[Ans]643214
4If A= {2,3,4,5,6,7} B={3,5,7,9,11,13} then A-B{2,4,6}[Ans]{4,6,7}{9,11,13}{3,4,6}
5Which output expression might indicate a product -of-sums circuit construction?A • (B • C) = (A • B) + CA+(B + C) = (A-B) + (A-C)A • (B + C) = (A • B) + (A-C) [Ans](A + B) + C = A + (B + C)
6The value that occurs most frequently in a data set is theMeanStandard deviationMode[Ans]Median
7Use the union rule to answer the question. Ifn(A) = 24,n(B) = 69, andn(AUB) = 81; what is n(A PI B)?3612[Ans]614
8The number of elements in the power set P(S) of the set S={{0},1,{2,3}}248[Ans]3
9Let U = {q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z}; A = {q, s, u, w, y}; B= {q,s,y,z} , C= {v,w,x,y,z}and List the members of the indicated set, using set braces (A UB)’{t,v,x}{r, t, v, x}{s, u, w}{r, s, t, u, v, w, x, z}[Ans]
10If A and B are two sets, A ∩ B represents:all elements in either A and B[Ans]all elements in both A and Ball elements that are in A but not Ball sets that include A and B
11A non empty set S which is closed with a binary operation ‘*’ is called group ifThe binary operation is associativeThere exists identity element with respect to the binary operation.There exist a unique inverse of each element of S with respect to the binary operationAll A, B & C hold. [Ans]
12There are thirty-four possible (not isomorphic) graphs with five vertices. Which of the following graphs is isomorphic to its OWN compliment?The complete graph on five vertices.The cyclic graph on five vertices. [Ans]The path graph on five vertices.The null graph on five vertices.
13An isomorphism can be proven between a graph T and a graph B if their complements are isomorphic.TRUE[Ans]FALSEBoth a & bUndetermined
14Which of the
following sets are
The natural numbers
with respect to
binary operation addition.
he set of words
over a finite
alphabet with the operation v * w = vw of putting the words together.
he set of all
subsets of a finite
set with the operation A * B = AUB.
both a & c[Ans]
15The power set of an empty set isnull setsingleton setsuper setPower Set[Ans]
16Let p be “He is tall” and q be “He is handsome “The symbolic form of the
Statement “It is false that he is short or handsome” is
~(~pVq) [Ans](~pVq)~(~PAq)(~ P A q )
17Write the statement
in symbols using
the p and q given
below. .
q = The food is
p = I eat too much.
If the food is not
good, I won’t eat too much.
~q -> ~p[Ans]q->~pq->pp->~q
18Truth Table:
I believe I am on
the right path with
the following:
P Q P=>Q ~(P=>Q)
~Q PA~Q is
19You are given a
binomial random variable with n = 25 and p = 0.35.
The mean for the random variable is
20Let p represent the
statement, “Jim
plays football”, and
let q represent
“Michael plays
Convert the
statements into
It is not the case
that Jim plays football and Michael does not play basketball.
~pAq~pA~q~(pAq) [Ans]~(pA~q)
Contrapositive of the following implification is> a) If it is hot, then I take a drink.
If I do not take a drink, then it is not hot. [Ans]If it is hot, then I take a drink.If I take a drink, then it is hot.If it is not hot, then I do not take a drink.
22In a normal curve, the line of symmetry for each half of the figure represents which score?mean. medianmodeAll the above[Ans]
23given that ( p Vq ) A (~ p V ~ q ) is false, the truth values of p & q areboth falseboth truep true & q false[Ans]p false & q true
24Which of the following is TRUEThe set of all rational negative numbers forms a group under multiplicationThe set of all non singular matrices forms a group under multilicationThe set of all matrices froms a group under multiplicationBoth b & c are true[Ans]
25G{e , a, b ,c} is an abelian group with e as identity element The order of the other elements are2,2,33,3,32,2,4[Ans]2,3,4
26If the binary operation * is defined on set of ordered pairs of real numbers s ( a,b)8(c,d) = (ad+bc,bd) and is associative ,then (1,2) *(3 ,5) *(3,4)=(74,40)(32, 40)(23, 11)(7,11) [Ans]
27Which of the following statement are FALSEThe set of all rational numbers is an abelian group under additionThe set of all rational integers is an abelian group under additionThe set of all rational numbers form an abelian group under multiplicationNone of these[Ans]
28If a and b are positive integers .define a* b= a where a .b E O(modulo 7),with this * operation,the inverse of 3 in group G {1,2,3,4,5,6} is3[Ans]154
29Let A be non
singular matrices
over real numbers
and let * be the
multiplication operator Then
A is closed under*
but < A, *> is not a
semi group
< A, *> is semi
group but not a
< A, *> is a
monoid but not
a group
< A, *> is a
group but not an
abelian group
30The conjunctive normal form of the following is pA(p^q)qAppAq[Ans]p^qq^p