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QN1. Which of the following is not a financial institution?





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Ans: b) SEBI

QN2. How many sectors are reserved for Public sector

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 6

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Ans: c) 5

QN3. Which of the following is most liquid form of money?

a) M1

b) M2

c) M3

d) M4

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Ans: a) M1

QN4. How many states are there in India

a) 26

b) 27

c) 28

d) 29

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Ans: c) 28

QN5. Which is the biggest state of India?

a) UP

b) MP

c) Mahatastra

d) Rajasthan

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Ans: d) Rajasthan

QN6. GDR stands for

a) Gross Domestic Revenue

b) Gross Domestic Receipt

c) Global Depository Receipt

d) Global Depository Revenue

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Ans: c) Global Depository Receipt

QN7. Repo rate is

a) Thr rate at which RBI discount the bills of banks

b) The rate at which RBI gives credit to another bank

c) The rate at which one bank gives credit to another bank

d) None of the above

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Ans: b) The rate at which RBI gives credit to another bank

QN8. Which of the following developmental bank is oldest?





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Ans: a) IDBI

QN9. CRISIL is a

a) A book

b) A stock exchange

c) A credit rating agency

d) None of the above

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Ans: c) A credit rating agency

QN10. Which of the following product is not FMCG?

a) Hair Oil

b) Toothpaste

c) Computer

d) Washing Powder

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Ans: c) Computer

QN11. Which of the following bank is having maximum overseas branches?

a) SBI

b) PNB


d) BOB

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Ans: d) BOB

QN12. Which of the following is not a direct tax?

a) Income tax

b) Wealth tax

c) Trade tax

d) Road Tax

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Ans: d) Road Tax

QN13. Major proportion of Indian population is employed in

a) Service sector

b) Exports

c) Agriculture

d) Manufacturing sector

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Ans: c) Agriculture

QN14. Planning commission was established in

a) 1948

b) 1949

c) 1950

d) 1951

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Ans: c) 1950

QN15. The company LG originally belongs to

a) USA

b) UK



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Ans: d) KOREA

QN16. The headquarter of IMF is at

a) London

b) Washington

c) Paris

d) Geneva

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Ans: b) Washington

QN17. WTO was incorporated in

a) 1994

b) 1995

c) 1996

d) 1997

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Ans: b) 1995

QN18. The cellular phone service started in India

a) 1995

b) 1996

c) 1997

d) 1998

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Ans: a) 1995

QN20. How many Indian economists got the Nobel prize?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

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Ans: a) 1

QN21. BPO stands for

a) Business Product Outsourcing

b) Business Process outsourcing

c) Business Process outcome

d) Business product outcome

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Ans: a) Business Product Outsourcing

QN22. Which company started the cellular service first time in India?

a) Airtel

b) Hutch

c) Essar

d) Modi Telestra

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Ans: d) Modi Telestra

QN23. The capital of UAE is

a) Dubai

b) Sharjahe

c) Riyad

d) None of the above

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Ans: d) None of the above

QN24. The Stock exchanges are regulated by

a) RBI


c) Both

d) None

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Ans: c) Both

QN25. How many stock exchanges in India

a) 22

b) 23

c) 24

d) 25

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Ans: b) 23

QN26. First computer in India was installed in

a) 1955

b) 1956

c) 1957

d) 1958

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Ans: a) 1955

QN27. Current bank rate is

a) 5%

b) 6%

c) 7%

d) 8%

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Ans: b) 6%

QN28. Lufthansa airline belongs to

a) France

b) UK

c) Germany

d) USA

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Ans: c) Germany

QN29. Which is the richest country in the world?

a) USA

b) Brunei

c) UAE

d) Luxemburg

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Ans: a) USA

QN30. Which company is having maximum number of internet users?

a) India

b) USA

c) Japan

d) Germany

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Ans: b) USA

QN31. The minimum capital needed to started a private bank in India

a) 100 cr

b) 200 cr

c) 300 cr

d) 500 cr

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Ans: c) 300 cr

QN32. Fiscal policy deals with

a) Monet supply

b) Taxes

c) Both

d) None

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Ans: a) Monet supply


a) A fighter plane

b) Stock exchange

c) IT company

d) None of the above

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Ans: b) Stock exchange

QN34. The process of deliscencing started in India

a) 1991

b) 1992

c) 1993

d) 1994

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Ans: a) 1991

QN35. NSE started in

a) 1992

b) 1993

c) 1994

d) 1995

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Ans: c) 1994

QN36. Recently CANCUN was in news because of

a) WTO

b) Iraq War

c) Terrorism

d) Cricket Match

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Ans: a) WTO

QN37. CANCUN is located in

a) USA

b) Australia

c) Mexico

d) Brazil

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Ans: c) Mexico

QN38. Which of the following is not a part of external environment?

a) Technology changes

b) Government

c) Supplier of raw material

d) Culture

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Ans: c) Supplier of raw material

QN39. Which of the following is not a demographic factor?

a) Sex ratio

b) Age

c) Technology

d) Birth rate

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Ans: c) Technology

QN40. Service industries belongs to

a) Primary sector

b) Secondary sector

c) Tertiary sector

d) All above

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Ans: c) Tertiary sector
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