Business Ethics Governance and Risk-NMIMS Solution



Business Ethics Governance and Risk-NMIMS Solution – Jun 17

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Q1. McDonalds is the biggest food chain in the world. Beef is served in only those places where it is culturally accepted. In India, where vegetarian food is preferred, one finds ample varieties of it in their outlets. What is your opinion about cultural clashes in business. With the help of a real life product/ business example showcase how business has ingenious ways to cross over cultural differences. (10 Marks)

Q2. “Reach for the stars but always keep one foot on the ground”, was the best advice that L.N.Mittal received. He says that ambition soars high and along with that the compulsions of achieving the goals. It then becomes difficult to practice integrity and to stay in touch with reality. Success means you fly and cannot keep your feet grounded. What do you understand by business ambition. Is it a moral quality? When does success define good business? (10 Marks)

Q3A) In the parking lot of malls in Bangalore, it is a common sight to see provisions made to recharge the car batteries of Reva, the electric car. Unlike Nano, Reva did not get much publicity, but the way it works is quietly making sense to the consumers. How can ethical consumerism change businesses, explain using Reva as a case. (5 Marks)

Q3B) An ordinary consumer in the market recognizes the various common brands, for instance Lipton, Mcdonalds, Tata Motors, Apple, Bata etc. thousands of companies that supply to the varied needs of consumer jostle for a place in the consumer’s heart and mind. These companies would like to build a good reputation and present themselves as most ethical. In this manner they build a good corporate culture. What brings ‘good’ in the corporate culture, elaborate? (5 Marks)


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