1st Year MBA eBusiness- All 8 Subjects Annamalai Assignments



Annamalai Assignments – 1st Year MBA- eBusiness

Each Subject – Two Answer through Email.


1. Choose one academic administrator and another public administrator and conduct

interview and then ask them how their job differs from that of business managers.

How do they know how well their department, institution or organization is

performing, since profit is probably not one of the criteria for assessing effectiveness

and efficiency?

2. Design a interview schedule and conduct the interview a manager in your locality and

ask him how many subordinates he has. Are different numbers of subordinates

supervised at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the organizational hierarchy?

What really determines the span of management in the organization?

3. “There are two notions about relationship between job satisfaction and productivity: a

happy worker is a productivity one; a happy worker is not necessarily a productive

one. Critically evaluate this statement and bring out the situations under which each

statement is true”.

4. “Planning is the basis, delegation is the key, information is the guide, and action is

the essence of control of.” Trace the relationship between control and other functions

with real life examples.


1. Examine the suitable demographic segmentation variables other than age and

sex for the following industry

• Two wheeler

• Brewery

• Insurance

2. You have been selected by the ABC pharmaceutical company to be a sales force

for the period of three years. Identify and describe how you would progress

through the steps in effective selling.

3. Select an example of a new product failure in the recent context. Explore and

prepare a report highlighting the causes for its failure. Do you think a better

understanding of consumer behaviour could have contributed to its success in

the market place? Do you accept or not? Justify your stand.

4. Design a questionnaire to determine repeat purchase behaviour and brand

loyalty with respect to

• Fairness cream

• Mobile

• Sports shoe

• Ready-to-wear garments


1. Design an appropriate capital structure which yields more profitability of a

service industry of your choice. Illustrate your answer with the help of a EBITEPS


2. The finance manager should take an account of the time value of money in order

to take a correct financial decision. Elucidate the statement with the help of

suitable illustration.

3. The goal of capital management is the maximisation of long run earning to

present share holders. – Comment

4. You are a finance manager in a manufacturing organization. You came to know

the sales are very low when compared to the last year. So you have decided to do

credit sales. Draft a proposal highlighting the decision areas to be concentrated

to avoid non-payment.



1. Create an ER diagram for the loan management system of a finance company.

Loans are given on the purchase of various items with different interest rates.

The company keeps track of defaulters and taken appropriate steps against

them. Make and state suitable assumption (if any).

2. Draw a net sketch to indicate the architecture of a distributed data base system for

college administration process with an example. Explain the various forms of data

fragmentation used in DDB.

3. Develop a conceptual data model for a hospital information system and write a

PL/SQL program using oracle to perform the following tasks.

a) Print the patient – details according to room wise.

b) Print the patient – details according to disease wise.

c) Print the patient – details according to the doctors attending them.

(Assume your own tables and fields)

4. Consider the following relational schema

Account (A/C No., branch name, balance)

Loan (Loan No., A/C No.)

Depositor (Customer Name, A/C No.)

Borrower (Customer Name, Loan No.)

Write queries in SQL for the following.

a) Find all loan number for loan made at Thanjavur branch.

b) Find all customers who have both a loan and an account in the bank at each


c) Find the number of depositors in each branch


1. “One reason for implementing global training programmes is the need to avoid

business losses due to cultural insensitivity”. What sort of training programme

would you recommend to avoid such cultural insensitivity?

2. Bring out some real life examples of how to use interest inventories to improve

employee selection. In doing so, suggest some examples of occupational

interests that you believe might predict success in various occupations including

Professor, Accountant and System Analyst.

3. Design a graphic rating scale for the below mentioned professions:

i. Secretary

ii. Engineer

iii. Web Designer

4. Develop an incentive plan for the following positions:

i. Chemical Engineer

ii. Plant Manager

iii. Used car sales force

iv. First-line supervisor.

Examine the factors that you have to consider in reaching your conclusions.



1. Discuss MIS strategies that companies in the electricity utilities industry could

employ to achieve a competitive advantage.

2. “The best way to reduce systems development costs is to use application

software packages or fourth-generation tools”. Do you agree or disagree?

Substantiate your answer.

3. Adopting an enterprise application is a key business decision as well as a

technology decision. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your views.

4. Discuss in detail the activities involved in the development of e-commerce based

Information System in a retail sector.


1. a) How an user can be involved in defining a project? Explain.

b) Identify the milestones in a project schedules plan. Discuss the difficulties in

preparing the plan.

2. a) Compare the initial and final schedule of a project with an example.

b) How weak quality in a project can be anticipated? Justify your answer.

3. a) Discuss the relationships that exist among activities. Give examples.

b) How to create the activity responsibility matrix? Give its importance.

4. a) Discuss the vendor management tools in project.

b) Explain the various attributes of successful leader.


1. How a financial statement helps the investors and creditors for a service based

company and manufacturing company. Give your views by taking any of the one

company of your choice on both the sector.

2. Identify the financial ratio on which type of Managerial of retail stores adopted.

Further analyse the various importance of those ratio and give your views. How

it will help the retail store.

3. Discuss various applications of the Break Even Chart. Enumerate the various

criticism usually levelled against Break Even Charts. Differentiate how this

Break Even chart helps the service sector and manufacturing sector.

4. From the following particulars, prepare the Balance Sheet of Sri Mohan Ram.

Current Ratio — 2

Working Capital — Rs. 4,00,000

Capital block to Current Assets — 3:2

Fixed Asset to turnover — 1:3

Sales Cash / Credit — 1:2

Stock Velocity — 2 months

Creditor’s velocity — 2 months

Debtor’s velocity — 3 months

Capital block Net Profit — 10% of turnover

Debentures / Share Capital — 1:2

Gras Profit Ratio — 25% (to Sales)

Reserves — 2.5% of turnover


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