1st Year MBA – All 8 Subjects Annamalai Assignments



Annamalai Assignments – 1st Year MBA

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Q1. How a financial statement helps the investors and creditors for a service based company and manufacturing company. Give your views by taking any of the one company of your choice on both the sector.

Q2. Identify the financial ratio on which type of retail stores adopted. Further analyse the various importance of those ratio and give your views. How it will help the retail store.

Q3. Discuss various applications of the Break Even Chart. Enumerate the various criticism usually levelled against Break Even Charts. Differentiate how this Break Even chart helps the service sector and manufacturing sector.

Q4. From the following particulars, prepare the Balance Sheet of Sri Mohan Ram. Current Ratio — 2 Working Capital — Rs. 4,00,000 Capital block to Current Assets — 3:2 Fixed Asset to turnover — 1:3 Sales Cash / Credit — 1:2 Stock Velocity — 2 months Creditor’s velocity — 2 months Debtor’s velocity — 3 months Capital block Net Profit — 10% of turnover Debentures / Share Capital — 1:2 Gras Profit Ratio — 25% (to Sales) Reserve — 2.5% of turnover


Q1. “A company that fails to go global is in the danger of losing its domestic business to competitors with lower costs, greater experience, better products and, is a nutshell, more value for customer. – Discuss.

Q2. “IMF and World Bank serve the interests of industrialized nations rather than those of the developing countries.” – Discuss

Q3. Do you justify that the working pins would really link the present scenario of International Business with that of the future?

Q4. Do you think that international financial institution help in competency building of world nation and thereby enhance the magnitude the diversity of global business? Explain.


Q1. “A contract which is regular in all respects may still fail if there is no Conesus ad idem”. Explain

Q2. “No one can give what he himself has not”. Discuss the exceptions

Q3. “The property of the company is the property of its members”. Comment


Q4. “It is compulsory for every company to register articles of association”. Comment


Q1. Compare the barriers to oral and written communication. Which is more challenging? provide the ways and means of overcoming these challenges.

Q2. What is the relationship between leadership behaviour and effectiveness of communication? as a leader draft a letter to your subordinates to propose new product ideas.(Assume a FMCG company of your choice)

Q3. What are Blogs? How Blogs can be used to promote business for a company selling designer leather goods? List out the essential characteristics of a good blog.

Q4. In what way business and academic reports differ? Draft a business report to be submitted by a Regional sales manager to Vice President of a company marketing medical equipments.


Q1. Out of your own experience find out the reasons for failure of business forecasting even in the experienced companies.

Q2. Take the IT sector as an example for perfect competition and analyse the character.

Q3. Prepare an essay to show the growth of National Income in India after Independence

Q4. Explicit the empirical production and explain optimum combination of inputs with diagrams.


Q1 Suggest any suitable motivational theory for IT industry and substantiate your views. Q2. “Attitude determines your Altitude”-Substantiate your views on this quote with relevant corporate examples.

Q3. “A happy Worker is a productive worker”- Discuss in a behavioural perspective.

Q4. ‘Organisational development involves the development of organization in the light of its future expansion plan’. Elaborate your views.

7th Subject: Principles of Management

Q1. Choose one academic administrator and another public administrator and conduct interview and then ask them how their job differs from that of business managers. How do they know how well their department, institution or organization is performing, Since profit is probably not one of the criteria for assessing effectiveness and efficiency? Q2. Design a interview schedule and conduct the interview a manager in your locality and ask him how many subordinates he has. Are different numbers of subordinates supervised at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the organizational hierarchy? What really determines the span of management in the organization. Q3. “There are two notions about relationship between job satisfaction and productivity: a happy worker is a productivity one; a happy worker is not necessarily a productive one. Critically evaluate this statement and bring out the situations under which each statement is true”. Q4. “Planning is the basis, delegation is the key, information is the guide, and action is the essence of control of.” Trace the relationship between control and other functions with real life examples.


Q1. “Creative Management, whether in Public Administration or Private Industry, depends on Methods of Inquiry that Maintain Objectivity, Clarity, Accuracy and Consistency.” Examine the significance of research and this statement –Discuss.

Q2. A random sample of size 70- is taken from an infinite normal population, which has its mean and variance as 200 and 750, respectively. What is the probability that the sample mean is greater than 205?

Q3. Consider any research problem of interest to you. Structure it in terms of an appropriate hypothesis to be tested. Also, mention the possible errors and recommendation associated with your hypothesis. Illustrate your answer with the help of suitable examples.

Q4. An agricultural officer wants to study the effect of four different fertilizers on the yield (in tons) of a specific crop. The corresponding data are as shown below.

Check whether there is a significant difference between the yields of different fertilizers using the Krurkal – Wallis test at a significance level of 0.01.


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